OXCGN’s Red Dead Redemption Review: GTA Gone Wild West?

Red Dead Redemption is the most complete realization of the Wild West ever expressed in a video game.

The easiest way to describe Red Dead Redemption is “Grand Theft Auto” on horseback. With Rockstar behind both games, it is no surprise that the mechanics and structure of both games is similar.

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gaminoz3059d ago

Finally Rockstar get away from GTA and apply the formula to something new and interesting.

A western is a masterstroke!

rroded3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Still I so want ta see em go sifi imagine gta ad5000 hoverbords flying cars bet they could fit a universe on a b/r ;)

tho for a western i gota say this games epic online n off

lvl 49 now! might jus go for a prestige or two (damn donkey looks sweet)

Belgavion3059d ago

I could just shoot and skin animals all day in this game

XboxOZ3603059d ago

I love it when some gamers say they have finished this game in less than 8 hours or so. Total you-know-what.

A dedicated gamer spent the last 7 days playing this every day and night, and he still has 14.5% of the game to finish.

Now that is epic in the true sense of the word.

If you simply took your time and did all the various side missions and found all the items, helped every towns-person out and managed to help every stranger out, you'd be there for weeks.

While some will complain it's nothing more that GTA in western clothing, I'd have to disagree. While it bears resemblance, there is a definite difference to the overall gameplay.

One game that will have me going back to it time and time again.

Godem3059d ago

I'll definitely be picking this up on my holiday from University, although im worried it might suffer from many things that let GTA4 down? - Ie the lame phone calls (obviously not in this one) and the awful check point system it had.

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