TheGameFanatics: Split/Second Review

Travis of TGF writes:

"If we remember anything about old racing games, it would have to be the arcade feel to it. Disney and Black Rock Studio have come up with the idea to bring us back to that fun type. While it may not be those other arcade racers we see, Split/Second really shows that it wants to bring gamers back to the fun days. Instead of just having some cars on a track, the developers went out their way to completely give you something innovative. Without further adieu, the review is waiting at the finish line."

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Antan3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Bought both this and Blur and I'm rather impressed. I prefer Blur as the handling is more sim orientated and the gfx engine is fantastic, top drawer stuff. DF had a brilliant interview with BC over the weekend which goes into tremendous detail about their cross platform engine. Thought it would of been posted by now. Blur is kind of Wipeout with cars. SS is kind of like Ridge Racer meets Spy Vs Spy!

Faztkiller3038d ago

It did get posted it just got over looked witch is sad great interview

I playing Split/second and I love it I've not played Blur yet but going to asap