Snipers can be the most selfish players in Bad Company 2

Snipers can change the scope of a battlefield, however when they go rogue and only concern themselves with personal stats and thrills, snipers can be very selfish and thus, very useless. In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, this happens a lot.

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-Alpha3118d ago

Hate sniper players in BC2. It's one of the reasons that stops me from playing.

They are selfish, clueless, and generally don't understand how to play. It's also not even called a sniper class it's a recon class meaning it has an actual team-playing role.

I play Recon with a VSS silencer, 4x scope and always play near my squad throwing motion sensors.

It's too bad that Snipers play the way they do. Ruins BC2 which is an otherwise fantastic game.

Faztkiller3118d ago

Snipers are usually selfish in all games Can't comment on BC2 because I've not played it

I don't know how many times I've been killed In Halo by my team mate because I picked up the Sniper

HolyOrangeCows3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

"Snipers can be the most selfish players in _______"

If I go sniper, I still make sure that I try to support team mates and ultimately try to complete the objective at hand.

thematrix12983117d ago

yeah sure FaZKiLLaR :p

Problem with BC2 sniper is they usually put motion sensor and camp on the very edge of the map. Guns in BC2 have high recoil therefore it's bit difficult to take them down.

Darrius Cole3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I have been saying this for years. Sniping in video games only serve to break the gameplay.

To over simply...most snipers are cowards. They enjoy shooting at people while the person/people they are shooting at are unable to shoot at them. In other words they don't want to stand face-to-face with another play and try to kill them before they get killed themselves. They want to kill others but they are afraid to risk their own ***.

Lately, games have been nerfing the sniper rifles. Forcing them out of scope after ever shot. Forcing them the reload one bullet at a time. I think more should be done. There numbers should be limited. Often times in BF:BC sniper will make up half of a team.

pixelsword3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

how does your teammates killing you because you chose a particular weapons gives you an appearance of being selfish?

It sounds like they are selfish because they can't play themselves, so while they are getting their poop pushed in by the enemy, they take it out on you.

I love to snipe myself, and I try to give information, but people do want to kick you for no reason. I've also been killed once or twice myself, but I retaliate by sniping my ally then taxing his behind as long as I can. You kill me for no reason, I kill you for that reason.

Faztkiller3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

I just thought selfish because they always want the sniper and if someone picks it up they get pissed and kill the person that does

EDIT: I'm not trying to saying all snipers are Selfish just that selfish players are in all online games

Philaroni3117d ago

Any game be it Killzone, COD, or BC2 where you can 'pick' if you start with a sniper you have this problem. In Halo, Uncharted and games where Snipers are a limited resource that players have to fight over its a much different story.

Digitaldude3117d ago

Its not that bad, if you lose big whoop, join a new game.
There are big numbers of snipers though.
btw *Defibrillator.

Max Power3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Ok, good someone corrected him on the defibrillator thing. If I didn't see anyone post this, I was, +bubbles!

despair3117d ago

i fell your pain Alpha, and being one of those snipers sometimes(not recently though) I cause your pain also.

But yea when playing sniper especially in a team oriented game like BC2 it really can change the scope of the game if you work as a team, many persons just don't see that.

aaronisbla3117d ago

alpha sounds like you need a good team with some sniper support. Just know that when you throw out a sensor with one already activated by you, it cancels out the other one.

I love the VSS but i think some snipers go crazy over it and forget their roles.

DigitalAnalog3117d ago

I agree with you. As much as I love the sniper class, I do so with to assist my team/squad as a purpose to win the game. Alternatively, I do hate it when it becomes most abused class in the game. Heck, I remember fighting a team that consists of 90% snipers just so they can frickin spam the Mortar strike. I take my best revenge by claiming as many DogTags from these f*ckers as possible.

-End statement

DigitalAnalog3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

stupid reply system.

crematory3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

dude, i assure you i saw a really elite snipers in video games ,when i mean elite i mean it no missing shots aweosme bullet timing , their priority moving traget, if u have 2 of those in u team trust me u gonna dominate .
the real problem in bfbc2 the recon class unbalance they gave him alot of extra nooby perks .
the funny thing kz2 snipers has cloak ability , scanning targets ,one shoot kill but i never see any one complain about kz2 sniping ,u know why? because it was balanced well and required some skill to snipe

SixZeroFour3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

recon in bfbc2 has extra nooby perks? as in what, the sensor ball or c4/mortar strike...what are you talking about?

im pretty good with the sniper, but i only use it in squad deathmatch...and usually when im playing alone in rush, cause i really cant trust my teammates...however when im partied with my friends, i know i can count on them and we time things right, they charge and i set a mortar strike on top right after for back up

im fairly good with the recon class...and i love moving targets (my saying whenever i get one " motion" lol, friends joke around with that now)

bjornbear3117d ago

i always do my best to do a team effort as a sniper:

spot the enemy, mortar the enemy vehicle / enemy hot spot , give cover to any team makes going in, throwing motion sensors

i always get motion sensor detection points =D

but i completly agree, its a very selfish class =/, and too many people choose it. honestly i only pick recon if no one in my squad is recon...i find that 2 snipers in the same squad = pointless UNLESS you are both very good and have a good spot...

simplyRealistic183117d ago

is that what you believe,

1. it's a f***ing game, im pretty sure if this was real was you wouldn't run like an idiot on an open field.

2.the reason people love sniping is because of the feeling when you stalk somebody with you rifle and pick him off

3.I understand most sniper are selfish, but dont call sniper cowards because they frustrate you

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ultramoot3118d ago

I love spotting for my team when I play the Recon Class. I spot so much, I think I've had more Spot Assists than actually killing enemies myself. BTW, I also love doing the Suicide-C4-charge on enemy tanks when the team is short on engineers.

duplissi3117d ago

lol, love the suicide C4 charge, especially if the tank has been quite a pain in the ass.

captain-obvious3117d ago

i do that a lot
more than half of my deaths are C4 on tanks that i blow up too soon

SixZeroFour3117d ago

same...i try to get away before i set it, but when i see the tanks barrel slowly turning my direction, you know you dont have enough time to run away lol

Consoldtobots3117d ago

suicide-sniper is great as it got me the game winning kills in a game where I blew up the bradley JUST as the crew jumped out to kill me. BOOOOM they all die as do I but getting the game winning kills was sooooo satisfying.

fullmetal2973117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I'm a sniper and always play a part in my team. I spot solders with my spot scope and toss sensors in areas with heavy fire.

GameZenith3117d ago

Lol, I guess a lot of you do not play Hardcore on BFBC2 because I see a lot of you mentioning that you like to spot assist but on hardcore mode, there is no spot assist. To me hardcore is more immersive and feels more like a real battle.

But yes, in general sniper gamers are selfish in all games. Take Modern Warfare 2 for an example with the Domination mode. That mode is about capturing control points, much like Conquest in BC2 and the snipers and at the start of matches in MW2, the snipers all run out to their camping spots to snipe instead of trying to capture a few control points for the team.

aaronisbla3117d ago

i play hardcore every now and then, its a shame that it takes more than one shot sometimes from a sniper rifle to drop someone unless its a head shot, kinda defeats the purpose of hardcore imo.

The other reason why i dont play it as much is its rare for me to find full games of it

xc7x3117d ago

haha funny believe anything because of a article.

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