Feature: What If Halo: Reach Was A PS3 Exclusive?

The Halo: Reach beta was hands down awesome. If you missed it, you missed the most enjoyable Halo beta ever. That’s how great it was. The game will be out in September and will surely sell millions of copies. Easily.

But when the beta was over, and the dust settled, I thought, ‘what if Halo: Reach was PS3 exclusive? Would it be a better game and sell more copies? Would it have become the phenomenon it is today? Would we even care about Master Chief?

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-Alpha3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Then I'd be pretty pissed because I bought a 360 mainly for Halo. Halo was the one game I constantly wished was on the PS3. There's always that ONE exclusive everybody wants but can't have on their favorite console and Halo was it for me. The reason was mainly the split-screen as well as to enjoy the game I grew to love on the PC.

We'd also probably see fanboys switch opinions with each other.

I think Halo has a lot of unique features that simply do not exist in any other game, mainly in multiplayer that makes it such a great exclusive. Mainly it's the competitive modes & variety in multiplayer, the split-screen (split-screen is immensely popular), user-generated content, and the balance of the game that just makes it such a treat. Next to LBP it's the one game I've had a great amount of local fun with. Local multiplayer is sorely forgotten this gen and I'm glad Bungie not only supported it but they didn't half-ass it either. It's a unique experience and IMO securing the Halo franchise was the smartest move MS made for the Xbox.

Faztkiller3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Me too I mean there's other great games but I bought my 360 for HALO.

EDIT: also agree with everything in your edit

movements3117d ago

The always thoughtful Alpha.... Bubbles!

tunaks13117d ago

oh my, I expect to see lots of arguments here...
I guess sony fanboys would declare it the greatest game on earth.

Hellsvacancy3117d ago

U wont ever catch me sayin such foolish things

Pandamobile3117d ago

Would it look better? Probably.

Would it sell more? No.

George Sears3117d ago

Yeah MS sure as hell does there part of the bargin on advertising this game properly. It is the console most well known franchise and all.

Faztkiller3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

It would sell a lot of PS3's.

stonecold13117d ago

ps3 got killzone it one of my favourite games this gen plus ps3 games varitey plus halo on ps3 wouldnt fill the same and need to be on the xbox end of statement

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