Gamer Limit Review: ModNation Racers

Gamer Limit writes "Smooth and steady, but the uninspiring cartoony graphics lack any real sparkle. "

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thedoctor2733d ago

It's a fun enough game, but I just cannot get over the ridiculously long loading times. It destroys the pick-up-and-play factor.

Sevir042733d ago

Most of the time you are just in one play game... eiether online racing or campaign or just creating stuff. it's really not that bad. I thought they were horrible at first, by the sounds of Reviews and fanboy banter but they really arent that bad. really solid game and it's amazingly fun.

StartWars2733d ago

For a current generation game that also enforces a mandatory install, they are very slow to be honest. It's said there will soon be a patch to solve it, though.

Montrealien2733d ago

Sorry Sevir04 but when you spend 15-20 minutes out of a 2 hours play session on loading screens, it is bad.

With that said, love the game though, but they need to fix this, until then, Blur it is for me.

Simon_Brezhnev2733d ago

yeah i got the game too but i hate the loading time i hope they patch it up soon i'll just play red dead redemption until then

despair2733d ago

you dont have the game if you call the load times ridiculously long. they're nowhere as bad as people are saying.

Dramscus2733d ago

agreed. The only load that's a bother is the double load up when you first start the game. After that it's fairly standard. It only causes problems if you accidentally leave a mode and need to go back in.

Montrealien2733d ago

I have it, and I respectfully disagree. The load times are retarded, played it once since I got is and have not touched it since because of the load times. I was switching to blur on my Xbox in between loads.

D4RkNIKON2733d ago

It's all true, the game is awesome, the load times are long, and the first patch is said to fix this issue.

StartWars2733d ago

You have to admire some of the things people have made already, it's very easy wiling away your time just browsing. Shame the single player component is comparatively weak.

Sevir042733d ago

I doubt even mario Karts single player had a narritive for the campaign. I dont even think you played the game, because it's really pretty neat. each race has objectives and tokens and even little events within the races after completing certain criterieas Like unlocking grudge matches. it's fun and the comercials and such they have after every race is just Grade A comedy.

KozmoOchez2733d ago

single play was fun and funny...its also ridiculously hard later on to get all objectives along with finishing first, but when you do manage to do so, you really get this feeling of accomplishment because although it is hard, its not impossible...except the one where you have to trigger a slammy thing on an opponent, thats just random luck if you pull that off

Dramscus2733d ago

I think it's got an awesome and very in depth career mode. Some of the challenges are a bit tough, and the enemie ai gets pretty insane near the end but it's easy to got through.

Ziriux2733d ago

It's trying to be like LittleBigPlanet, but can.t

Fullish2733d ago

Made by the same people isn't it?

Faztkiller2733d ago

No MNR is made by United Front and LBP is Media Molecule

bjornbear2733d ago Show
Faztkiller2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I love racing game I love Play, Create, Share MNR = Awesome IMO Love this game

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The story is too old to be commented.