LEGO Prince of Persia Game Coming to a System Near You? Maybe?

GFB writes: "You know what would be awesome? A Prince of Persia game set in the Lego Universe. The video you're about to see only proves how perfect the two worlds of Prince of Persia and LEGO would merge together if Warner Bros and Disney dare take the leap. You like that dramatic tone? The video is narrated by the star of the movie based on the original game - Jakey G. And there is already a playset for actual LEGOs, so why not a game? Check out the video and tell us what you think."

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vgn243038d ago

It looks like they could make the game right now!

tunaks13038d ago

no more lego games please just wait a couple years

thedukeofkna3038d ago

This is like the total opposite of awesome...

3038d ago
Silentmerc3nary3038d ago

Let's just make a sequel to the 2008 POP, or another Dark, Mature-themed PoP like Warrior Within.