PlayStation Home To Sell Third-Party Non-Games Product

Marketing Week reports that Sony Computer Entertainment, " on the hunt for partners to help further develop its PS3 Home concept and is considering using the virtual world to sell non-Sony products."

Apparently, the company preparing to call on third-parties to provide physical goods that can be sold using Home's e-tail capabilities, which at the moment are geared towards providing items such as virtual clothing to be used by online avatars.

The report concludes by explaining how a Sony representative indicated that, "longer term plans could include selling physical goods from third parties, such as clothing and fashion retailers through tie-ups or affiliate partnerships."

Whether Sony sees Home e-tail of third-party, non-gaming product as a viable profit-stream in the medium or long-term is not clear at this time. However, early shots and trailers for Home do bear a striking resemblance to the Second Life model that is apparently reaping big rewards for Linden Labs.

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Kratosnake4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Home is the definition of potential. It can either turn out to be the best thing since wheels on a kart, or it could manage to avoid all the right steps.

nonetheless, I'm loving this openness and the 3rd party publishers' excitement.

marinelife94168d ago

I think the sheer volume HOME potentially offers is huge. Second life has a little less than 3 million accounts. If the PS3 gets anywhere close to the numbers of the PS2 over a ten year span they could easily have 10 to 15 times that many.

Crazyglues4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

For one, I would order a lot more stuff from the Playstation store if their was an easier way to pay for things.

For example - I got ready to order the maps for Resistance but then I got lazy when I saw all the info I needed to put in for credit card. So I said forget it, Not to mention I don't like putting my credit card info online for nothing. Which is why I love paypal.

Sony needs to add a Pay service instead of just credit cards that you can use for getting stuff from the sony store. Like can I go to the store buy a $20 card that I can then take home and enter the number to add credit to my account. That would be sweet.

Or let me fund my Sony Piggy Bank using my credit card or whatever online so that way I could save money there for when I want to buy a game or extra maps or whatever.

It just needs to be easier and feel safe. -the easy it is to pay the better chance you have of me paying.

Salvadore4168d ago

Putting Credit Card information on the online can be frightening. Sony should launch a point system where the user can both use it for home and the the PSN.

SimmoUK4168d ago

Kar I think the Playstation cards should solve that... still waiting on them to be distributed...

Delive4168d ago

I use my CC for the PSN. The payments do not come from the card, they come from a pool of money that you add to using your card. You add money to the PSN using the CC in incriments of $5. Add it when you like and store it there if you want to. When you make a purchase, it comes out of the pool of money you added, not your card. If you are short, it will pull more money from your card (With your permission). After adding the money, no need to use your card number for the individual purchases, Only place that has your card info is Sony (PSN).

Kleptic4168d ago

yeah what he said...^^^^^^^...

You can tell the fund management thing to remember your card...or not...So if you want 30 bucks toward games or enter your card number and it charges you $ time...if you have it set to not remember your card...that is it...

that is exactly how paypal will handle unless you use your bank account for paypal, it is no different...I would rather use my credit cards online than my bank account anyway...most cards have fraud bank accounts are a much bigger hassle to deal with because of overages and stuff if I got hit with identity theft...

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chitown4168d ago

sweet. PSN is shaping out to be a really good service. and with HOME its gonna be even better. and guess what??? its freakin FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

bubbles would be appreciated

teh_tourist4168d ago

i hope they make a JINX store

timmyp534168d ago

that would be kool
check out my attached image

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