Craveonline: Skate 3 Review

Craveonline writes: The Hall of Meat returns too. Only now players have a larger manipulation of their bodies as they hurtle towards the ground. It looks painful, it sounds horrific and it's damn fun.

But the biggest addition to Skate 3 is the way online is handled. Players can team up with friends in order to build their brand and take over Port Carverton. The result is awesome. Skating never feels lonely, despite the massive size of Port Carverton. And teaming up with jerks to take over the world can quickly turn into wreaking havok on pedestrians.

When that gets old--IF that gets old-- players can go from co-op to competitive and battle the good old fashioned way.

The moral of the story? There's a ton to do here. Really, the list of possibilities, tricks, creations, locations and scripted one liners is practically inexhaustible. Minor hiccups remain minor in the overall picture.

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