Are You Still Hunting Monsters? Monster Hunter 3 Data shows the play-time data, sales ranks, and review score average for Monster Hunter 3.

CwG breaks down the data, and shows the approximate number of players reporting data, the total hours reported, and how the data has increased over a 2-week period.

CwG says in one section, "Monster Hunter 3 has 533,055 Total Hours reported, an increase of 284,474 hours over the last 2-week period."

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CoffeewithChess3091d ago

Around 40 hours in, and only HR9!

The highest monster I've defeated is a Barroth, what about everybody else that is playing it?

SpoonyRedMage3091d ago

I was having trouble with Online where it would only connect once every twenty attempts or so and so I was only HR7 and I'd fought a Barroth with some people but lost.

But today I sorted out my internet so I should be playing it a lot more online!:D

Good to see the game is popular.

Nuclearwinter3091d ago

Barroth was a huge pain in the neck, but just wait until you start fighting the stuff in HR 3. The Uragaan is like Barroth on steroids. I love this game. So much infact that I bought a second wii for my room because I never got to play MH3 enough in the living room.

ceiltsei3091d ago

Lol. Just beat the barroth online for the first time today. Really tough. On my way to new quests.. great game.

Oh and I have no online trouble where I am at. Maybe your internet connection is related to the problem. (intermittent connection or packet loss)

kesvalk3090d ago

currently i am HR 40 and already put up 210 hours in the game... yeah...

tunaks13091d ago

i havent been playing as much as i want too,
work and MG2

CoffeewithChess3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

I'll be playing some this week, usually nights; so, if you want, leave your name/code on the post, and I'll write it down and search for you when I get on.

readiandnot3091d ago

As much as you talk about this game and from videos I've seen, this would be the game to get me to buy a Wii.

ATLGAMER3091d ago

even though i love monster hunter...i need hd now

Trroy3091d ago

I got MH3 for the Wii, thinking it would be a profound experience, since I liked the PSP games so much...

Its not really much better. A little easier with the camera, but the game seems old news, and the environments are way smaller than I had hoped they'd be, and the monsters are just kinda retooled same-same.

Needs HD, and a controls revamp to embrace the HD era. I won't buy another MH, unless its HD, plain and simple.

CoffeewithChess3091d ago

I own a PS3, but I've been playing my Wii a lot more because of Monster Hunter 3.
While HD graphics would be nice, they don't keep the game from being fun.
This is my first Monster Hunter game in the series, so if the others are like it; I guess it could be like a FPS series of games.

Did the PSP and PS2 games have a single-player campaign? Also, do you know how many Hunter Ranks were in the PSP and PS2 version by any chance?

ceiltsei3091d ago

This is really interesting since I am mostly a PC gamer, and since MH has been out for PC in japan for many years - why can't it be out here on PC? I couldn't imagine how good that would be. (and probably never will).

I also noticed that MH Tri is simplified a bit and easier to find items.

Myst3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

The PSP version as well as PS2 had 9 HR Rankings. The way in which one leveled up HR was not by the accumulation of points, but rather one had to fulfill a variety of quests and then do an urgent. The monsters also had a few different moveset in the guild hall versus the offline portion unlike the Monster Hunter now.

Also yes, all versions of Monster Hunter [save for the PC I believe] had an offline portion. The offline portion on the PSP [mainly freedom Unite] was actually a lot better in my honest opinion.

Capcom just doesn't believe it will do well for now or at least they hinted at saying that in the past. Now that Monster Hunter has picked up a bit more 'followers' they may reconsider. Though it will have to go against the likes of WoW something in which Capcom doesn't want to do.

rezzah3091d ago

As much as i want to play it I wont until its on the ps3

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