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Godmars2902943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

So are people who bought PlayTV getting free or at cost replacements, or are they just plain screwed?

Crap like this is why the current console generation should have come 1-2 later than it did...

Been out in Europe for at least a year, with trone in Japan since 3 at least.

E3 is likely to announce a US version that uses Google TV.

Anarki2943d ago

I kinda feel jipped.

I've got playTV and I use it everyday... I'm happy that they're upgrading but I want some sort of discount or something..

Trilogy2k2943d ago

Why do you feel as though you're owed some kind of discount or allowance just because the technology has moved on?

I've got 4 separate Freeview boxes in the house and I don't feel 'conned'. Hey- that's life, it moves on.

It was pretty obvious that this was the next logical step as the uptake of HD was nearing saturation and most broadcasters (in the UK) are jumping on the same bandwagon..

When Sony announce the PS4, can someone please give me a shout so I can let them know how hacked off I am just for being forward thinking!

HolyOrangeCows2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago ) THIS one ever going to come to the US?

Dom63902943d ago

I feel owed something because the technology hasn't moved on like people are claiming! the HD technology was available when PlayTv was release and for then to not use it originally and now ( if they are indeed making an HD version ) put it in a new upgrade is just annoying! they could have at least put out 2 tiers originally an HD PlayTv or a standard. I bought the standard as it was all that was available I wanted HD. I hate how all big companies do stuff like this and try to monopolise and take our money .

kharma452942d ago

It's not Sony's fault PlayTV can't do HD in the UK over Freeview, that's the fault of OFCOM and the government and their decision that Freeview HD would use DVB-T2 and not DVB-T.

mac_sparrow2942d ago

hurrah, someone who knows and understands why this is necessary. Bubble for not spouting crap and actually knowing what you're talking about. I've been annoyed about this since the day the decision was made.

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Milky Joe2943d ago

How is someone paying for the next iteration of a piece of hardware make them in any way screwed??

That's like saying Sony screwed me because they didn't buy my PS3 for me...

Theonik2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Depends on if they discontinue the original service or not.
I hope thy release PlayTV 2 in other countries too and not just in Britain. Kinda annoying that Britain gets everything while the rest of Europe gets shafted usually.

Milky Joe2943d ago

That'd only happen if freeview just stopped one day.

Godmars2902943d ago

The feature was first mentioned when the consoles were first announced, yet its been 3-4 since they actually started popping up. Now less than a year they're talking about the 2nd generation of the technology, when this whole console generation proabbly has 1-2 years left before the next is announced, which will likely have DVRs built into them.

Compare that to the life of VHS, DVDs and even Blu-ray, even though its just a sub0set of DVRs, and you're talking 3 generations of technology in as many years. With consumers expected to buy and support it discarding the older versions.

No wonder we're in the mess we're in...

Milky Joe2943d ago

If you're not bothered about viewing Freeview HD, then you don't need to buy it. That would apply to any DVR. It's not Sony's fault that the broadcasting technology has moved on.

Why would they continue to sell a product that doesn't conform to the current standard when they could release an updated product that does? Giving people who bought the old one the chance to update if they're bothered about HD channels and not selling obsolete hardware to new buyers.

If they were making it so you had to update to continue using PlayTV then that would be wrong, but people who have the current one can keep using it until freeview is 'switched off'.

IdleLeeSiuLung2942d ago

I partly agree with Godmars here, but reality is that we get a new game every year, and most probably get a new cell phone every other year so this isn't that big of a deal if they continue to support the older device.

Finally, if you don't like how the company treats their "valued" customer, do NOT buy their products!!!

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

It's normal developing a new system in this kind of cases, the Technology is always changing, and PlayTV it is from 2008 or 2007.

It is like the games and developers, they finished with a Title, after a short of time, they start with the plans to make a sequel.

masterg2943d ago

Are you guys kidding.
Anytime you buy technology you know something better and cheaper will come out next year. The consoles are just about the only thing where we have years in every circle.

The people who buys iPhones get screwed every 6 months according to you.

silvacrest2943d ago

i dont no why you guys are complaining, playTV has been out since 2008, thats long enough before a sequal can make an apperance

technology is always moving forward, what ever you buy now will be out dated eventually

vhero2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Why would people who bought Play TV want a replacement or feel they are entitled to 1? The second version will obviously be different/an improvement . That's like saying when PS3 came out you was entitled to PS3 for free because you bought a PS2. This one is gonna be more advanced and it may be the box that connects to SKY for Sonys new deal with SKY. As long as your play TV is still gonna keep working you got what you paid for so shut up whining already.

SuperStrokey11232942d ago

Why should they get a new one? The old one works exactly the way it was advertised, better infact.

This is just a new piece of tech thats not needed. They are neither screwed nor do they deserve at cost replacements.

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sjeen662943d ago

i wonder where is playtv 1 ???

tdrules2943d ago

a sequel to a set top box?

Raf1k12943d ago

It's a PS3 add-on. Allows you to record TV and stuff. The Japanese ones really cool from what I've seen in the promo video. PayTV 2 should be pretty good.

oliverasadi2943d ago

I worked at :) go me

mushroomwig2943d ago


Being fired isn't really something to be proud of. ;)

silvacrest2943d ago

thats kinda rude, dont assume he was fired

jack_burt0n2943d ago

it will just be freeview HD which u cant blame them for everyone has to buy a new digibox dont they!?

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