Brand new F.3.A.R screenshots are tastefully terrifying

Gamersmint : The intelligently named F.3.A.R is coming out later this year, but these screenshots have creeped out of the studio to remind us why we must be scared…very, very scared. Fear 2 sure did take a nose dive but F.3.A.R looks like a great step back to form.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3121d ago

Oh they're terrifying alright...

...In the sense that it looks like a PC game from 2002.

Ocelot5253121d ago

I get your point, but 2002? the year of return to castle wolfenstein


iamgoatman3121d ago

Those textures are worse than Bioshock 2's, and they were horrible.

Just look at the helicopter!

gryfindor13121d ago

They drove the franchise down into the gutters with the sequel....whats the guarantee this one's not a pile of shit as well?

cyborg3121d ago

I think it's too early to judge the game although this screenshots are indeed terrifying in so mnay different levels! Including the one which our frnd Ghost of Sparta pointed out. Might aswell be R.I.P FEAR franchise if they can't pull if off this time around. I really enjoyed the first one and this is a pity though.

SupeerSteebbi3121d ago

Where's Alma and her girl?

Magnus3121d ago

I hope the graphics engine is retooled I cannot wait for this game

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The story is too old to be commented.