Bonus Round: E3 2010 Microsoft Preview

E3 2010 is almost here! In this episode of the Bonus Round, Gametrailers is back in the LA studio talking about the biggest convention in gaming and what to expect from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Will Sony introduce a brand new PSP and attempt to enter 3-D gaming? What about Microsoft’s Project Natal – will it be a part of a new Xbox 360 slim redesign? Will Nintendo’s mysterious game-changing 3DS steal the show? All that, plus the experts weigh in on this year’s biggest upcoming games and rumors.

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m232975d ago

All they talked about was Natal the whole episode, I was hoping they would talk about some of the games they think were going to be revealed. I know Natal will be a big focus, but like 2 minutes of the thing was about games. I am excited about Natal though.

thehitman2975d ago

But they cant talk about something that doesnt have much to talk about. They mentioned the only 3 exclusive games that MS has to offer in the next 2 years and Natal has a big ? mark where it seems it will have a lot of software but how much of it will be shovelware? Really going to be interesting to see what MS shows at E3 this really is their last chance to sell me an Xbox.

Lifendz2975d ago

I don't think MS could have a "bad" E3 showing because MS, more than any other company, knows how to put on a good show. Remember a few years back when FFXIII got annoucned as mult-plat? Remember how everyone went ape $h!t and declared MS the victor of E3? Go back and watch that press conference. Other than FFXIII they didn't show very much. It's the showmanship of the MS conferences that gets the press all in a tizzy. Whether it's Reggie Bush coming out on stage or the Beetles, MS gets how to put on a show. Hell, I loved when they opened up one year with a band playing the Halo music. I got goosebumps.

Can't wait for E3.

m232975d ago

I remember that as well with the band playing Halo music. I agree they always have a good showing, last year was great as wll when they skipped all the sales and the boring stuff and went straight into games.

Chubear2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

If you look at the actual games, they showed little to nothing outside of multiplat or timed exclusive content. No actual new IPs, actual exclusives for the coming year, nothing but the same staple of 1 or 2 true exclusives.

They always relied on multiplats to bolster their presentation pieces while Sony solely does exclusive content. Heck, the most they did with multiplat last year was to mention AC2 and throw in multiplats in a montage but presentation has always been all exclusives.

Sony has been the only one really showing games for gamers, not just for that year but up coming years. Nintendo mainly focuses on the games for their new base with the non-traditional gamer w/80% of their presentation catered towards that group and then the throw a bone of 20% to the traditional gamer base at the tail end.

This E3 will be no different:
Nintendo: 80% games for non-traditional gamer/20% for traditional gamers at the end of presentation

MS: Celebrities celebrities celebrities, one or two true high end exclusives and the rest multiplat games. Rely on media spin for viral marketing.

Sony: Exclusive content presentation for ALL gamer types using the PS2, PSP and PS3. No muliplat presentations on stage.

If I'm wrong this year then copy 'n paste this and laugh till your hearts content but if you go look back at past E3s, you'll see for your own self.

Philaroni2974d ago


You are right, Sony tends to have more content where MS tends to have more showmanship. Sony has a chance if Keven B. is somehow part of it to get some good laughs and media coverage, but we all know MS is going to have some 'put famous person name here' at the stage playing Natal. 50$ says Opra gives it away on her show or something.

outrageous2974d ago

They talked alot about Natal. That should not surprise anyone. Natal IS what everyone is talking about. What is it? What can it do? How much is it gonna cost? What are they gonna call it? Many questions, not many answers for now. E3 is a mystery for every 360 gamer.

Now the games, they have been announced already. They might have a couple surprises but it won't be for this year. Halo Reach will be front and center. It should be. This is a big year for M$ and Halo is critical to that. Fable 3 is coming and is Natal compatible. It will also be available for PC. The whole Fable thing has been very quiet, to quiet if you ask me.

In terms of the entire 2010 line up, it is as strong as it gets. Mass effect 2, Metro 2033, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach and Fable 3. Lets not forget an incredible third party line up that caters to the 360 demographic. Bioshock 2, RDR, Crysis, MoH, COD black ops, Brink and of course the whole Natal thing. If you game on 360, you should not have any complaints this year. M$ looks very strong indeed.

Sony has Move and 3D, Nintendo have their games and surprises and the whole E3 this year should be a blow out for everybody. There is ALWAYS a big surprise at E3. What will it be this year? Gears going Multi? Mass effect going Multi? Wait and see.

mac4u102975d ago

E3 is going to be a blast... i hope Sony and Ms bring some good things to the table.

m232975d ago

Yeah, this year looks to be a great E3. I just ordered G4TechTv (not G4, I'm in Canada), I just hope we get the E3 coverage as well though.

madkrazygames2975d ago

I just hope they don't focus to much on this motion control crap.

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