EA Sports to Announce First NHL Game for the Wii

EA Sports is ready to continue their assault upon the NHL 2K series.

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MrESteel3117d ago

With this coming from the EA Canada team it is definitely in good hands.

ipwnall3117d ago

"If coaching fails try your hand at Salesman"


MrESteel3117d ago

I legit LOL'd after I wrote that down.

Smokeyy903117d ago

Good to see the Wii getting some NHL Love.

BrunoBRS3117d ago

noooooo... they didn't. they honestly didn't make a freaking accessory for that game only. they couldn't!

i... i...


gfunkera103117d ago

Somebody tell me they didn't make a freaking midget hockey stick to play this.

God I hate Nintendo this gen.

tunaks13117d ago

"God I hate Nintendo this gen."
yes because nintendo is making the game

this is a giant middle finger to wii owners from EA.
Good thing 2k is taking hockey seriously on the wii.
F-you EA, first you screw up fifa on the wii and now this.

MrESteel3117d ago

What Gfunk is referring to is that Nintendo has to sign off on any peripherals, in which they did for this game.

Secondly, I wouldnt say that 2K is taking Wii seriously, as its there last hope since EA's NHL dominates on PS3 and 360 to the point they had to give up. This could turn out to be a GREAT game so just hang in there and check out for updates as we get em.

tunaks13116d ago

"Secondly, I wouldnt say that 2K is taking Wii seriously"
well they're taking it more serious then the PS360 versions,
average on metacritic: ps3 - 66
360 - 68
wii - 79


3117d ago
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