Why do male gamers put female gamers on a pedestal?

The industry is still largely a male industry so when men do see a female associated with videogames in such a way whether it be journalism, developer, or just an avid gamer, a lot of male gamers sees these women as rare and thus divine. If these females are already attractive physically, then by them being associated with videogames, to a lot of male gamers, that makes then 10x more attractive.

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Sunny_D3039d ago

Because most of them are teenaged brats with hormonal imbalances that get a nose bleed when they see a boob slip.

hay3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Or geeks who get excited by just thinking about female gender.

I know chicks aren't people(Chauvinism Inside™) but don't do that guys...
They aren't heavenly creaters that bestowed few moments of their glorious presence on your lifes... And they often aren't that hot as you imagine they'd be in real life, when you play with them online.

I have quite a bunch of gaming female friends and while gaming with them isn't like beating the hell out of each other in Tekken or offending friends while passing them in GT5P, but it's still fun to play some tunes in GH, go for a party grinding in MMO, getting your a$$ owned in Critter Crunch duel, mash some buttons in Dissidia, giving them some Flower goodness or blaming "beginners luck" when they kick your ass in High Velocity Bowling playing for the first time... It happens!

But still, playing GH with a guy on a vocals, who's singing ridiculously terrible is still more fun... Highly recommended.

-Alpha3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

This is why I like Home. Dress up as a girl and you pretty much have an entertaining evening. You know they are desperate enough when they even ignore the "Alpha-Male" PSN ID.


Lol, I've told people that before. I actually find the Home community pretty laid back, even with girls around. I think most people have caught on lol.

Faztkiller3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Alpha Male maybe they think your looking for an Alpha Male

Theonik3039d ago

Yep, done that too. Pretty much one of the only entertaining things to do in home. Got hit on by a French guy in minutes. I literally started rofling. That was back in '09 though. Gamesradar had a cool article on this a while back too.
Briliant article.

Dave13513039d ago

I dont know why they say its a stereotype that theres no female gamers. go play an online match and you'll run into about 500 dudes and maybe 4 females. its hardly a stereotype

RememberThe3573038d ago

I have literally ran into 1 chick.

Back in my COD4 days I got a run for my money by these two chicks that were devouring my team. I'm proud to say I held my own though. Those chicks were no joke.

JsonHenry3039d ago

Can't say I know a single gamer that does..

Girls+games = gimmick for attention

Anorexorcist3039d ago

Gamer or not, I always put women up on a I can look up their dress!

Davoh3039d ago

And then you see a bulge and learn never to do it again

BasilMarceaux3039d ago


I look down on them!

AAACE53039d ago

It's kind of like the word of mouth approach. If a girl likes playing a game, she will tell her friends. Her friends might get into gaming. Gaming will possibly become a popular thing with girls, making it easier for gamers to have something in common with a girl.

hard fact is, alot of gamers will never get a chance to get with a girl! Most have social issues or are just not interesting! Then you have the idiots who irritate everyone to the point that it ruins the experience for everyone! When I run into girl gamers, I try to make sure they have a good experience while gaming. I don't chase them down or try to turn perverted or anything like some guys.

But more importantly, i'd rather hear a girls voice because I get tired of hearing the same idiots who think they are cool but are really irritating... which is why I usually keep my mic muted! You can only hear someone say f*gg*t, n*gg*r and other pointless words so many times. Fact is, most of them are so worthless in life they have to resort to taking their anger out online because they don't have the balls to say stuff like that to the face of a real person!

I stopped argueing with them because i've just accepted that the only way for them to get their anger out, because they are nobody's in real life!

RememberThe3573038d ago

Having a female in a game is refreshing. I know a lot of chick so I tend to get tired of them and just want to do something that only involves dudes. But it is nice when a chick can just enjoy a game of Killzone or whatever and not get bombarded by dudes that have no game.

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NYC_Gamer3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

i treat them just like any other gamer we're all one big community...

Ocelot5253039d ago

I shorten the chain if she gets out of the kitchen

Sunny_D3039d ago

OMFG! LOL, I guessing the female gamers on this site won't take that to kindly. bubbles+

electricshadow3039d ago

We do? If I'm ever playing a game playing a girl I just say "Huh, a girl is playing this game.", and I continue playing. It's not that amazing. Don't girl games make up for like 40% of the gaming population? The only people who make a big deal of playing with girls are virgins.

Dave13513039d ago

because they should be in the kitchen where they belong, haha just joking.....or am i?

bjornbear3039d ago

that makes things mighty complicated for a guy, they are just like us =) humans! just a little differen xD

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