Rip off! Virgin charges $130 for info on how to reset PS3 video settings

Looking forward to the return of Virgin in the world of gaming? Well perhaps you shouldn't be. MaxConsole put one of Virgin's new companies to the test called 'Digital Help' and were astonished to find that they tried to encourage them to spend $130 in reference to their 'problem' of not knowing how to re-set the PS3's video settings for an SDTV (all you need to do is hold the power button). Initially they requested they spend $43 for the pay as you go advice before suggesting that a home visit was best for the issue at a cost of $130. And worst of all, the help team is based in Manila, Phillipines. Let's hope Virgin don't transform this business ethic to their gaming venture!

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Strange_Evil3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

130$ to hold down a button for 3 sec lol what a rip off and the sad thing is people actually fall for this. I have seen retards asking the same questions on various forums and even Yahoo Answers lol. If they can find their way around the forums and such sites, why can't they google it?? Retards.

D4RkNIKON3122d ago

Yeah it sure is, reminds me of Best Buy's Geek Squad. Buy a memory card for a camera or portable device and there is a sticker on the package that says "Let us install it" They charge you to insert the card into the device. I would love to see the people who are fooled into this sort of thing.

LtSkittles3122d ago

Best Buy also had the service that would setup your ps3 for $130

poopface13122d ago

kinda like BB charging alot of money to have people hook up your console.

But on the other hand, If your to stupid that you cant go online or read the instructions yourself, you deserve to be ripped off.

Most the people that dumb probably cant afford this anyways.

Who would think of calling Virgin to find out the answer anyways? Try calling sony first if your too dumb to read or use the Internet.

C L O U D3122d ago

This is terrible.

People who is paying such a service for the company, and they want to charge their telephone line.

Bunch of chiefs

Mothman3122d ago

Not uncommon in the business world. It's quite typical of the Branson enterprises to employ such a business model. Unless one's informed of these practices the only ones affected by this will be gamers and consumers alike.

washingmachine3122d ago

any fool would have just went to a online forum and askt

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The story is too old to be commented.