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Meodia writes: "UFC Undisputed 2010, which was developed by Yuke's, is the second mixed martial arts game in the young series published by THQ. The game builds on the surprising success of its predecessor by adding more depth to the career mode and more customization features for players to use when creating their fighters. UFC Undisputed 2010 packs an impressive roster of current UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighters that will satisfy die hard fans of the UFC."

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ipwnall3117d ago

I agree, I thought 09 was a much better game. Hopefully next year they improve on the shortfalls.

Meodia_Art3117d ago

Looking forward to playing as Shaq.

Smokeyy903117d ago

This series as some serious potential. A few tweeks man and they could have possibly the best sports game of all time. I am a UFC noobcake and had a blast with it.

MrESteel3117d ago

They made small improvements with the game this year but it seems they need to find their groove with controls.

BrunoBRS3117d ago

but it's still a good review regardless.

ipwnall3117d ago

UFC is not wrestling. It's an advanced form of it.

BYE3117d ago

You don't seriously compare it with wrestling, do you, have you even watched MMA fights before?

UFC is real fighting like in a street fight with different martial arts styles. Except for the gloves and some rules to prevent them from killing each other.

Smokeyy903117d ago

Wrestling is only a small aspect of UFC. There are so many different fight styles.

MrESteel3117d ago

Exactly. Which is why it is going to take 3 years into the franchise for them to fully get a grasp on how to bring the styles into the game, the right way.

Smokeyy903117d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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