PSLS Presents – Mike Reagan, Award Winning Video Games Composer

PSLS Writes: Mike Reagan is one of the games industry’s most renowned composers, having won an Interactive Academy Award, the Game Audio Network Guild’s Music of the Year award, and Best Original Soundtrack for his work on the God of War series. Mike is also known for his scores in such games as Darksiders, Darkwatch and Conan. PlayStation LifeStyle chatted with Mike to discuss his music, his influences, and his future work – including the upcoming God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

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kratos1232822d ago

i loved the darksiders and gow3 soundtrack
i cant wait fore ghost of sparta

doctorstrange2821d ago

And using a didgeridoo in Ghost of Sparta does sound rather interesting

Teddybee2821d ago

That doesnt sound very Greek

Lifewish2821d ago

same here, those were both amazing soundtracks

ftwrthtx2822d ago

that sound developers enjoy the games on the market as well. Should give them a better understanding as to how to set the tone on a level with their music.

doctorstrange2822d ago

I think it is very important for the composer to really know what gamers feel

godzilla2122821d ago

MW2 had annoying music cause Hans Zimmer doesnt play games

Downtown boogey2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

"That's why MW2 had annoying music cause Hans Zimmer doesnt play games"

Music is a universal medium, but you're right about MW2 not having that good of a soundtrack. I think MW1 had an excellent one what came to setting the tone... Harry Gregson-Williams at helm so what else could one expect anyway? He's probably the best composer -alongside with Marty O'Donnel (Halo series)- who's ever done video games (the MGS saga).

Gears 2's soundtrack was also very good with Steve Jablonsky composing it but it was a little monotonic.

ThePlaystation3guy2821d ago

another great interview by Mr. Moss!

ftwrthtx2821d ago

Sebastian always does well with these interviews.