WDT: Nier Review

David Breach from writes "Square Enix. They have brought us wonders such as Final Fantasy, and for the lighter-hearted players, Kingdom Hearts. The usual quality of Square games cannot be doubted, nearly always showing a glorious mix of visuals (with the Final Fantasy series constantly pushing the boundaries of graphical capabilities), story, and character development and inter-relationships.
Needless to say, then, when I was asked to review Square Enix’s new game, Nier, I was very enthusiastic."

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zatrox2730d ago

Oh boy, seems like someone only played the game for an hour.

scotchio2730d ago

I have been enjoying this game.

It brings things back to the old RPG style of doing many side quests if you want. Following the main story is actually quite interesting. And the so called "boring" side quests are up to you. A lot of RPG fans like this.

Including me.

sjeen662729d ago

yup i love it too and like u said it`s like old RPG games loved it