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The Wii Teaches Tweens How Easy it is to be a Mom

Are you the parent of a tween or teen girl? Are you plagued with worry that she may not give you a grandchild before she graduates high school? Then have we got the game for you! For too long now, people have blasted teens and tweens with the idea that taking care of babies is hard work , expensive, and just not for them. But no more! From Majesco Entertainment--who brought you the Cooking Mama series--comes a new game called Babysitting Mama, set to be released this Holiday season for the Wii. AveryZoe at GoozerNation reports. (Babysitting Mama, Wii)

tdogchristy90  +   1577d ago
We already glorify underage pregnancy as it is (teen moms or whatever mtv has running) now a video game console is doing it? What is this world coming to?
lociefer  +   1577d ago
Wii Abortion
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Rocket Sauce  +   1577d ago
Oh god, does Wii Abortion come with a coat hanger add-on?
Davoh  +   1576d ago
Does Wii Abortion come with Wii Conception?
hamoor  +   1577d ago
Teens are so stupid these days
They think that they are adults and responsible while they are just horny to make it with anyone at any cost
Misterhbk  +   1576d ago
These Days???
Teens these days??? Get real, try teens have been stupid since long before any of us were alive. Don't make it seem like its just this generation that are fools. teens been having babies for decades...And on top of it, is it the teens fault or their parents fault? Because I'm guessing the parents probably had their kids in their teens as well...Old people can be so naive lol
JimmyJames70  +   1577d ago
Another reason I'm happy I don't own a Wii.
N4GAddict  +   1577d ago
For every SMG2, we get multiple games like these
shazui123  +   1577d ago
key word is
EVERY smg2. mario has been wh*red out far too much, time for change
Bush  +   1577d ago
Get a free box of condoms with the purchase of a Wii and this game.

I wonder if the Condoms will get the Nintendo seal of approval like this game did wow!!!
electricshadow  +   1577d ago
Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.
Dsnyder  +   1576d ago
Use condom sense :)
PirateThom  +   1576d ago
I've always been a fan of "if you love her, wear a rubber" and "wrap it before you tap it".
huzzaahh  +   1576d ago
^ Awesomesauce ^
Dsnyder  +   1577d ago
This has to be the worst console ever made.
Fist that fake workout game and now this? What happened to you nintendo?
gameslowdown  +   1576d ago
they're trying to be open to everybody, all nieches, including pregnant teenagers apparently, altohugh I don't think it would be the first thing they'd think of...
Daughter: Mom I'm pregnant
Mum: Don't worry, nintendo just released a game for that!
*cue corny wii advert music*
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mrv321  +   1576d ago
dizzleK  +   1576d ago
i have to agree. this has gone from just little girls playing with dolls to almost outright mental conditioning.
Ivan Drago IV  +   1576d ago
The wii
sickens me. I really hope when the move comes out it really hurts the wii sales. The wii is a disgrace as a gaming console. The Move i can take serious.. Its more precise with HD graphics and made by the greatest company in history.
sikbeta  +   1576d ago
is This a Game?


Now, for real, WTH is going on? Thank God wii owners got SMG Games, cos if not... DAMN IT!!!!
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Aphe  +   1576d ago
Just like GTA taught me how easy it was to be a murderer.
danielle007  +   1576d ago
I know this article is laying on the humor, but I highly doubt girls are going to be like OH MY GOD LET'S GET PREGNANT WOOOOOOOO from this game. Little girls always have little baby dolls that they play with, some of them play house, blahblah. Is that teaching them to have children at 15? no, it isn't. It's a little ridic that someone would make this article. A lot of little girls pretend they have a little baby and carrying it around and whatever. It doesn't mean that they will grow up and be a stupid drone that's only goal in life is to have babies..

Plus, cooking mama is fun and addicting. Babysitting mama will probably be just as ridiculous. Some girls out there actually know the difference between reality and a japoneeze mama that's going to grade you on your babysitting skills. It'll probably be hilariouss.
Langley201055   1576d ago | Spam
NiteX  +   1576d ago
Wait wait wait.... I thought tweens were pre teens. So are they trying to say the Wii supports pedophiles?

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