First NHL 08 Trailer For PS3

IGN has the first PS3 trailer for NHL 08 up in their video section. Check it out after the link.

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Expy4170d ago

NHL 2K8 != NHL 08.... Change the title..

Bebedora4170d ago

change the title of the article?

weekapaugh4170d ago

sid the kid will own in this game...

Maddens Raiders4170d ago

and this looks even better, though I think the players look to be a wee bit on the light side. Nevertheless this awesome continuation of the series will be scooped up for my hockey fix.

Bebedora4170d ago

The feel is just not there. The pros are ways to score goals. The funny thing is, there is the boredoom of every EA NHL game in history. But on the contrary EA have more intense gaming on the open ice.

darkside4169d ago

2k7 is better then EA07.... hard to say if the 2k is going to be better then EA NHL this year