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Ten ModNation Racers gaming inspired Mods you should download [screens]

The ModNation Racers community is coming up with some great Mods. What's the likelihood of you getting to play Isaac Clarke or Bayonetta in a Kart Racer? Ok, so you never know if SEGA or EA would actually do it, but at least you can download them for free and play with them now on ModNation Racers, thanks to the Mod creating community. The freedom that ModNation Racers gives you in character creation means everything is game, so although this is a PlayStation only title, there are characters from every platform. (ModNation Racers, PS3)

RosoTron36  +   1671d ago
/turns on PS3
I literally have over 100+ mods already downloaded! lol. Get em all just in case the copyright infringement takes complete effect and these awesome creations are taken out!
DarkTower805  +   1671d ago
Yeah, it's amazing to watch the creativity of the community. And this is only the beginning.
jjohan35  +   1670d ago
Heisenberg  +   1670d ago
I'm loving the game
But the load times get so tedious. It's the kind of game that you wanna jump right into, and you're also switching from race to race and game mode to game mode pretty much all the time, which is great cause there's lots to do, but the frequency of them makes the long load times particularly frustrating. If they could improve upon that, it'd be perfect. It's exactly the type of game I love playing with friends, yet you can also play on your own and get really into modding giving you the best of both worlds.

I'm really glad LBP is paving the way for innovative games like this. Games that give the player a lot of credit are always a nice change. MNR has gotten me sufficiently stoked for LBP2, as if I wasn't already...
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Glyn_Dwr  +   1670d ago
Here's a few that were created from the beta...

nefertis  +   1671d ago
I like the dead space,and bayonetta they awesome.
despair  +   1671d ago
yea i was surprised at the bayonetta one impressive..damn i need some creative and artistic talent.
thor  +   1671d ago
It's amazing all the different characters you can create with this game. If only the track creation tools were as flexible!
Keltik82  +   1671d ago
EarthWorm Jim
Is just pure awesome!
sarshelyam  +   1671d ago
The Amazing Spider-Man
My Spider-Man is pretty awesome, way better than that one in the TOP MOD spot. Not sure why that's up there as there are plenty of other better ones.
cLiCK_sLiCK9  +   1670d ago
Most downloaded Mod.
Tony-A  +   1671d ago
I'm dying to get this game, but my job offer hasn't called.

thief  +   1670d ago
Hope you get that offer soon! Ordinarily you could just rent it, but this game looks like something you have to keep for some months at least.
Tony-A  +   1670d ago
Thanks, man. This game isn't definitely gonna be a buy for me. I want to support the Play. Create. Share genre as much as I can. The only game I've ever rented this generation was Def Jam: Icon back in 2007.
Sevir04  +   1671d ago
its really awesome, someone made an avatar mod and it looks amazing
I gotta say though! The single player campaign is HIlaaaaarious! The people who penned the script and narrative did an amazing job keeping the laughs coming.

I've made a few tracks myself and working on another.

If you are on and want a challenge search for

Sev Circuit-Kallion City and Sev Circuit-Napeal Valley. I totally love this game and People should really stop sleeping on this game. There are some really amazing experiences to be had with this.
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livewires  +   1670d ago
vampstreak  +   1670d ago
im always impressed at what people can create with the tools given, just like in lbp
B00M  +   1670d ago
how are these made? are they just using the in game tools?
T9X69  +   1670d ago
Yes, everything there was made with the hundreds of different options that are in the game. Its pretty amazing what you can do with a little bit of time and dedication. There's close to over 100 options per category, such as eyes, noses, mouths, cloths, and that doesn't even include the 300-400 stickers to make details with either. I picked the game up yesterday and its a blast, my first creation was John Marston from RDR, still gotta do a few tweeks but its WAY better than the ones uploaded.
B-Real206  +   1670d ago
Kakihara  +   1670d ago
This game has to have the best character creation tools ever. I've only played the Beta and the demo so far (picking it up at some point just haven't yet since I'm not a huge fan of racing games generally and had to fork out for rdr and 3d dot) but I found the character creation to be incredibly enjoyable, easy to use and judging by a lot of these photos it's incredibly flexible.
thief  +   1670d ago
This game is just pure fun, loving the small touches such as the commentary or the cute way your mod throws up his/her arms when you customise the gloves. Dont even mind the load times, its fun talking to the other racers and admiring their mods.
RedPawn  +   1670d ago
Micro Machines meets Surf's Up.

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