Ten ModNation Racers gaming inspired Mods you should download [screens]

The ModNation Racers community is coming up with some great Mods. What's the likelihood of you getting to play Isaac Clarke or Bayonetta in a Kart Racer? Ok, so you never know if SEGA or EA would actually do it, but at least you can download them for free and play with them now on ModNation Racers, thanks to the Mod creating community. The freedom that ModNation Racers gives you in character creation means everything is game, so although this is a PlayStation only title, there are characters from every platform.

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RosoTron363039d ago

I literally have over 100+ mods already downloaded! lol. Get em all just in case the copyright infringement takes complete effect and these awesome creations are taken out!

DarkTower8053039d ago

Yeah, it's amazing to watch the creativity of the community. And this is only the beginning.

Heisenberg3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

But the load times get so tedious. It's the kind of game that you wanna jump right into, and you're also switching from race to race and game mode to game mode pretty much all the time, which is great cause there's lots to do, but the frequency of them makes the long load times particularly frustrating. If they could improve upon that, it'd be perfect. It's exactly the type of game I love playing with friends, yet you can also play on your own and get really into modding giving you the best of both worlds.

I'm really glad LBP is paving the way for innovative games like this. Games that give the player a lot of credit are always a nice change. MNR has gotten me sufficiently stoked for LBP2, as if I wasn't already...

nefertis3039d ago

I like the dead space,and bayonetta they awesome.

despair3039d ago

yea i was surprised at the bayonetta one impressive..damn i need some creative and artistic talent.

thor3039d ago

It's amazing all the different characters you can create with this game. If only the track creation tools were as flexible!

sarshelyam3039d ago

My Spider-Man is pretty awesome, way better than that one in the TOP MOD spot. Not sure why that's up there as there are plenty of other better ones.

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The story is too old to be commented.