New melee attack glitch hits Modern Warfare 2

AATG writes: "Activision and Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came in for a lot of stick early on after its release due to the prevalence of cheaters and people abusing its multiplayer. First there was the javelin glitch, then the speed boost hack, before the care package glitch became the tipping point and IW finally got its act together and fixed each and every one."

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HairyArse3091d ago

Everytime you think they've got this fixed, they manage to find a new one.

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WhatARump3091d ago

did you read the article

"What's even more confusing is that one player in the game - most likely the person applying the hack - can kill people using the tactical knife attachment for his handgun."

So the speed hack is old (I've yet to see it on the ps3) but now someone can knife with it on :S?

WhatARump3091d ago

that's a private match though
I haven't ever joined a server where anyone was hacking

Ace Killa 083091d ago

thats what i was wondering, a hack is a glitch now a days? or was the title manipulated to bring up attention and maybe some hate?

i joined a couple of hacked (noticed hacked not glitch since those are fixed kindof) a whole team of 10ths prestieges run around immune to bullets and nades and have tac knifes that reach more than normal distance. another was instant kills with ARs and FAMAS shoots like an automatic and also no air space limits so everyone can get a AC130 and rain on down us poors SOBs.

but there is a difference from hack to glitches. and glitches were plaguing MW2 but hacks are the only ones now and every now and then there is a couple of rooms like this.

TengkuAmir103091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

In my 380 hours of playing the game (not lying). I have only did one hack. Which was the 10th prestige. I wanted to do other hacks but i can't find a way through. Never saw anyone using a glitch on PS3 except for the care package glitch, and javelin.

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AEtherbane3091d ago

I glitch in MWF2? No way!

lovestospoodge3091d ago

how is this news?

..see what i did there

gtamike3090d ago

This game is really bady made too much glitches, campers and lag

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Kingdom Come3091d ago

After reading those four word's, I knew this was a Modern Warfare article.

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