Neptune’s Japanese placeholder cover looks final

scrawlfx writes:

The placeholder box art for Sega and Compile Heart’s PlayStation 3 RPG Super Dimensional Game Neptune has made its way onto the net. This is what I’m assuming Japanese locals are seeing in the game’s pre-order boxes at various shops.

It looks like it could very well end up being the final box art. Looks final enough to me. Who really knows, though?

The game’s out in Japan this summer. Whenever the box art is released in direct feed, you can be sure we’ll have it on the site.

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Godmars2902913d ago

If you have any intent of bringing this over, how about announcing it now?

SilverSlug2912d ago

is publishing it in Japan.

Throw your money now Sony.

Though I think Atlus will bring it over. SEGA already let them bring over Wanderer or NIS (Sakura Wars).

Davoh2912d ago

I really want it to come out here, or at least come out in the US so I can import

Ocelot5252912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

porn, there is no other definition for this

just look at the freaking cover

Godmars2902912d ago

No tentacles for one. Also not that many panty shots - yet.

Creature designs are also looking more promising than usual moe/loli ones currently about.

Odin7772912d ago

I believe the term is ecchi. I wouldn't call it porn though...they're just damn drawings anyway.

Odin7772912d ago

Isn't yuri like lesbian porn or something? ha ha

ChampIDC2912d ago

Though I'm ashamed to know it, yes....yes it is.

sikbeta2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Man, This Game is Unique For Sure:

"Hyper Dimension Game Neptune, a new PS3 RPG revealed in Famitsu magazine, puts players in the role of a personified video game console in the fight against piracy. Neptune is a fictional video game console turned into a girl, on a quest to defeat the "Goddess Majicon" -- "Majicon" being the Japanese term for DS flash carts like the R4.

The concept calls to mind not only the "Console-tan" or "OS-tan" meme, in which computer operating systems and video game consoles are drawn as anime-style girls, but also Sega's utterly bizarre Dreamcast game Segagaga, in which Sega characters live and work at Sega -- a game that ends with a battle against flying Sega consoles. It's worth noting that "Neptune" was also the name of a proposed Genesis/32X console."

More info:


Please SONY, you need to Bring this Game over here...

Magnus2912d ago

I want to try this game out but I think it will be 2012 before we see it here knowing NIS still waitng for Altelier Rorona


That boxart is so hot I could bake my hotpockets on top of it!

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The story is too old to be commented.