So are we making the games from now on?

A short piece on the PCS (play, create, share) style gaming and wether or not it will last, with new games like joe danger, little big planet 2 and mod racers all taking the same approach.

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AK463118d ago

I'm interested to see what the PC can do with PCS genre, with their unlimited resources. Can't say the same for the Xbox, with their limited format.

ExcelKnight3117d ago

PCS has been around for quite a while, though not in such an organized fashion as we've seen recently with XNA, LBP and MNR.

RPG Maker is one of the older series of game/platforms on PC made for creating specific genres of user generated content. I always wondered if someone would make a new installment in that series with a specific goal of promoting PCS on PC.

Dramscus3117d ago

Yeah other games have had the play and create aspects. Sony however has pretty much pioneered the share thing. In a formal sense I mean, having to surf around the web and find stuff to plugin to your game made it difficult for the average user.
Having all the stuff hosted on their own servers had made the whole format very tangible and accessible to all.
LBP MNR have been totally game changing for consoles. With LBP2 coming and with what is promised with it we are about to enter a very golden age for video games.
Speaking of my most recent experiences in MNR the game is epic souly based off the user generated characters and tracks. Every character and theme you can think of is there, you can spend an hour downloading mario characters and tracks. Tracks from games such as ridge racer motorstorm and gran turismo. More characters from just about every tv show you can imagine from scooby doo, transformers, and the simpsons, to top gear, the A team, and batman.