Rockstar Games offers bounty of Red Dead Redemption memorabilia

After a hard day out in the Wild West with John Marston, clean yourself up with some Eradicator Soap, which is "Tough on Blood and Manure." Rockstar Games is offering some unique Red Dead Redemption themed items with the "The Frontier Collection" exclusively at their online store. From playing cards to dynamite candles, items are available individually or in bundles.

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DJexs2752d ago

love this game so much it is awesome. not going to purchase this stuff but it looks cool.

cain1412752d ago

I got the cards dice and soap for free. Free cool as far as swag goes...

washingmachine2752d ago

wow,i wish other companies would do this,id like to own shirts etc from games i like

TANUKI2752d ago

I wanted to get the first one, but there's a $20 minimum purchase. They should have just priced both of those collections at $20 then... :/

Theonik2752d ago

Very nice of them. This is the exact same swag package they sent reviewers!
Usually we don't get any of that. :(
(video is the stuff that is on sale unboxed by Gamesradar with their review copies of the game)

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