10° Review of Rocket Knight

Tayler Bell of writes:

Rocket Knight isn't a very long game, but it's not a terribly easy one either. Once you've finished the game you can access each of the levels you've completed through the Free Play option, or if you're a glutton for punishment you can run through the story mode over and over again to obtain all of the trophies. Speaking of trophies, there aren't a lot of them in this game, the best you can look forward to is a gold trophy. If you're determined enough you may even make it through Gold Sparkster mode.

Once again it comes down to this... "Is the game worth buying?". If you're looking for a throwback to the 16 bit days and like side scrolling games with an arcade feel to them I'd say look no further. If you're a fan of all of the previous Rocket Knight games this is a must buy. With a $14.99 price tag it's in a decent price range, it's entertaining and appropriate for players of all ages

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