PAIN Goes 3D This Week

The PSN title PAIN will be getting some new add-ons this week. They just happen to be the first set of content that is playable in 3D on new 3D televisions. Older game modes are also being patched for 3D play.

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vhero3121d ago

Game will be awesome in 3D. Really one of the few that would look good.

Davoh3121d ago

Yeah can't wait for this in 3D, can already see the explosive shrapnel and shards of glass flying out of the TV =)

amigaman3121d ago

I think they should make 2 versions of the 3D Games, one for the 3D TVs and other supporting RED + GREEN glasses, I mean who actually own 3D TV yet? I just spent my money on 2 LCD TVs, I can't buy another TV. Either way, you still have to wear stupid glasses.

hay3120d ago

You know what would be great in 3D? 3D Dot Game Heroes. This game, thanks to the art style, has brilliant sense of depth. Putting it in 3D would be awesome.

waltyftm3121d ago

Love this game, 3D Mime toss FTW !!!!

digimau3121d ago

Coming Son in my Samsung C7000...XD

hesido3121d ago

This is the worst game on PSN, 9.90 game covers nothing more than a demo, and nickeling and diming ensues (I wouldn't be opposed to their overpriced DLC if they provided a full game).. I also hate the slow physics. A more realistic gravity with user controlled slow motion would really look and play much better.

AliTheBrit193121d ago

The PAIN Developers really messed up with the updates

I went on a few weeks ago (or tried to) and it was something stupid like 120MB update?

LMFAO, I don't think so, especially given how long the PS3 takes to download and install that crap - Game quit.

NumeroUno3121d ago

It takes me about 10 minutes to finish up that "stupid" update. I'd get a better internet connection before I'd slam PSN or PAIN. And if you think that's a huge update, you've obviously never tried to update Resistance 2.

FragMnTagM3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I have a 20mbps+ internet connection, but that doesn't stop PSN downloads from being slow as hell (wireless or wired). In fact, I downloaded a 8gig file last night in an hour on my PC. It takes like 2 hours to download a 1 gig file from the PSN. I am not sure if it is a PS3 problem, or a PSN problem, but the fact is that it is slow.

When a game needs to update on PSN, it usually takes anywhere from 5 minutes to a half an hour or more (depending on how big the update is). But on the 360, it takes literally seconds to update a game.

On topic: It sounds like a great update to one of my favorite games.

Oh and if anyone can prove that the PSN isn't slow, please PM me a video of it going fast. Because I can shoot a video of my connection on, and show video of how I got it hooked up to prove I am not lying. It also did the same thing with the PS3 phat I had.

jack_burt0n3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

You guys need to setup ur routers better just google ps3 internet router settings/ port forwarding.

Only prob i had recently was the burnout paradise servers have been SCALED back big time that was pretty slow but that title is getting on a bit now.

I am not gonna shoot a vid but a mb a second is my regular speed downloading.

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The story is too old to be commented.