Red Dead Redemption sells over 1 million in days

Red Dead Redemption has sold almost 1.5 million units just days after going on sale, making the game very prolific for Rockstar Games.

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Shane Kim3091d ago

Good, now with all that money make us a new GTA game that dont suck. I'ma help you out. 80's, Miami, drug lords...lets just say Vice City but in HD!

Heartnet3091d ago

GTA has gotten old.. and RDR aint that gr8 lets be honest


Ummm.... in your opinion maybe..

It is that great and A lot of people are enjoying it just as much it has bugs ya, but honestly I have not seen any that were that bad that is put me off the game.

it's been my favorite open world game this gen so far and the most impressive.

Anon19743091d ago

EBgames, bestbuy, blockbuster, futureshop, wal-mart. No PS3 copies of RDR to be found anywhere. I ended up picking up Demon's Souls, Borderlands and Brutal Legend instead. I was going to grab Alan Wake but it's $70 cdn. I really want to give it a try, but I'm not paying 70 bucks for it. I'll wait for it to come down in price first. Most new games are between 40-60. Battlefield BC 2 was also $70 for some reason. Demon's Souls received Gamespot's GOTY and was only $40. That was an easy purchasing decision.

bloodybutcher3090d ago

i actually really enjoy this game,even more then ANY roam is getting bit boring now but with addition of co-op should get interesting again^^ and darkride666-congrats on purchasing Demon's Souls!that game took over my life for quite some time:)

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ProjectVulcan3091d ago

Its always mind boggling to me how take two manage to post losses and we hear about it so often, when rockstar are basically a cash machine for them. We hear about how GTA 4 generates 500m dollars on day one, biggest ever entertainment launch, and then how this will easily end up selling 5m plus etc etc

Then take two will announce how poor they are and how much money they have lost.

Eiffel3091d ago

Pish, screw Vice City, give me next gen San Andreas.

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trounbyfire3091d ago

they always open much bigger than that but hey RDR can do no wrong. even if it buggy as hell it still gets 10 out of 10.

GLoRyKnoT3091d ago

I don't think any of us know how to act when a game don't end in 2 hours;)

Gg8 game R*! Still ain't beat it or even touched MP (close though:)

Colonel-Killzone3091d ago

Lol Imma wait till this drop ^_^.

PMR_213091d ago

don't hold your breath

jcgamer3091d ago

sometimes i wonder what DO some of you guys, dissing EVERY game...maybe it's time to put the controller down and get a new hobby...BUDDY

Rockstar deserves the acclaim and sales...and i'll take a critical review over a Debbie Downer gamer ANY day...i can't wait to play a game one of you Debbies create...damn, i don't
know how!

lol :)

bjornbear3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )


either let down or annoyed the 360 got special treatment

fanboyism ruining enjoyment of games : sad

honestly no one can say RDR is OK, even from a design point of view. its a very complicated game with many levels of A.I and situation-set ups.

if you don't enjoy it, fine, but to say the game is "sh!t" is just not fair =/


well said. bubbles to you.

psman0123091d ago

The 360 didn't necessarily get special treatment. The PS3 version got Solomon's Folly exclusively I believe, right? Although the graphics on the 360 are a bit sharper, especially the grass textures which are terrible on my PS3 version :)

Biggest3091d ago

You should get a faster horse. The grass texture is a blur for me.

I enjoy the hell out of RDR. It is up with GTA3 for me.

badz1493091d ago

LOL that is 1 hell of a come back! BURNED!!

ape0073091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

some people here don't even have 2 brain cells, so let them burn themselves, enjoy playing games and B happy about it while these fanboys or I should say "SHEEP" burn themselves, haters are always there, internet just show em to everyone

I just read someone here talking about blu-ray dvd9 etc..., what in the blue hell is he talking about, infamous was on blu-ray but it doesn't touch RDR or even gta 4 in size gfx, scope, detail, length etc..... some people here are utterly blind, fanboyism has completely captured their 2 cell brains, don't you have some dignity\respect for your self

hahah lol that is

by the way Im dying to get RDR, it's banned in here, gonna get my copy (from private source) soon :)

I can't fukin wait

niceguywii603091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

While I agree with you saying that he is angry because of the 360 version I doubt the end result had anything to do with giving the 360 special treatment. RS fought PS3's hardware for the same amount of time as the 360's.

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