New L.A. Noire Images

Team Bondi's L.A. Noire started development way back in 2004 but little of the game has been shown. A batch of images where released a while back and today brings you a fresh batch of images which are in game screenshots.

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thereapersson3118d ago

Sort of like Mafia.

I'm curious as to see what Rockstar has in store for the gaming community in the form of Agent. It'll be nice to see what being able to take advantage of exclusivity can bring about, especially from a studio whose multiplatform games have been known to favor the 360 on a technical level.

Hanif-8763118d ago

I'm also curious about Agent, i'm just patiently waiting... E3 can't come soon enough :-)

Commander TK3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

lost a lot of interest in this game when it went multiplat

danielle0073117d ago

But why would you lose interest in a game because it's going to be on more than one platform? This game looks amazing, and the new take on motion capture they're doing looks pretty awesome. Plus, I love the fact that it's going to be set in the 1940s and it's going to be all murder-mystery-tastic.

I think that it's never a bad thing that more people can have the chance to experience something great. I mean, I would understand if GTA IV or RDR were inferior on the PS3 because of bad porting, like Bayonetta or something, but they weren't. They're both pretty amazing looking. Rockstar can actually handle multi platform games, so what's the problem?

Heisenberg3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I haven't lost interest myself, but I think where people who have are coming from is the approach to multiplatform games is different, both versions usually suffer, and the developer has to cater to the lowest common denominator, meaning the 360, which has considerably less space to offer with the DVD9, no standard HDD to work with, and is arguably a less powerful machine. So what it comes down to is while the game may turn out great, it loses a certain amount of potential when going multiplatform.

Generally, exclusives, regardless of the console they're on, are far better than multiplatforms. But I'm sure you already knew that.

Edit: I agree about the 1940s film noir setting, it looks very cool. It's nice to see a sandbox game with a little style. I'm really rooting for this game, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

XactGamer3117d ago

Sounds to me like you all are just angry over RDR and are screaming "Agent" so you can feel better.

nix3117d ago

ugh... graphics are so horrible. so outdated!

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rob60213117d ago

"especially from a studio whose multiplatform games have been known to favor the 360 on a technical level."

You do realize LA Noire is using a completely different engine, and being developed by team bondi, not inside Rockstar. Everything we've seen from rockstar this gen has been on RAGE, LA Noire doesn't use it.

Bolts3118d ago

What is the difference between this game and Mafia 2? From the looks of things it seems Mafia 2 has the edge so far.

beavis4play3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

la noire has you trying to solve a series of murders like in heavy rain. (or so it appears)

i know i'm getting mafia2 on day one (preordered) but i'll wait on la noire.

Bolts3118d ago

I'm sorry but I just can't imagine Rock Star making an adventure game like Heavy Rain. That just isn't their thing, unless its a murder mystery like Heavy Rain in an open world.

Blaze9293117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I think Heavy Rain is a bad comparison. To my understand, LA Noire puts you in a role of a kind of detective. It will still no doubt be an open world kind of game I think but you're a detective trying to solve murders. Only Heavy Rain comparison I could make is you maybe having activities like Norman Jayden with of course, tech that is much older than his trying to put together clues etc.

Whereas in Mafia II, it's not that open-world and a very scripted linear type game where you the mafia killing your way to the top.

Only real comparison between these two games I see is the time setting.

On a side note:

daaaaaaaaaaamn, someone got messed up bad!

Korda3117d ago

Its only being published by Rockstar its being developed by Team Bondi

DelbertGrady3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Heavy Rain meets L.A. Confidential?

@Fanboi - I don't think this will play anything like Mafia 2.

beavis4play3118d ago

that's a pretty good description of the game. i'm more for mafia2 just because playing a gangster is more interesting to me than solving a murder mystery la noire. rockstar/bondi needs to start giving us some gameplay videos or some kind of info.

bobcostus3118d ago

This is team bondi we are talking about. They make open world games. I doubt and hope that it's nothing like Heavy Rain. While i enjoyed that game, I'm looking for a fresh experience.

DaTruth3118d ago

I'd be more into Mafia 2 too! Police detectives gunning down random people in the streets will probably not happen or be a mechanic of the game.

Sometimes, in open-world games, between missions, I like to gun down random people in the streets! This is my biggest gripe with superhero open-world games!

LarVanian3117d ago

I get what you are trying to say DaTruth. It's nice to have as much freedom as possible in open world games.
But to be honest in GTAIV and RDR I honestly didn't bother with killing random pedestrians in my free time so I wouldn't really mind not being able to do so in LA Noire. I hated how in True Crime if you went on a rampage, killing lots of pedestrians you would simply get demoted to being a uniformed cop.

Shaman3118d ago

LA Noire is more like mix between Heavy Rain gameplay with mafia looks very interesting and since its R* i would guess it will be good AAA title.

Cartesian3D3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

sorry the graphics isnt that important, but its a really big aspect of the game.. just look at RDR beauty , may be RDR is a 8 game in variation of gameplay but beauty of scenes make it a 10 game and make it fun to run around the open world..

I think they must polish the game, but after many years of development I think the time wont help them anymore.. the really cant make it better.

maverick11913118d ago

thats because its gone multiplat lol jks

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