Rock out with the SEGA Dreamcast guitar

Behold the SEGA Dreamcast guitar, with a head lovingly crafted from the console itself, as well as the once "look-at-how-amazing-it-is-with-a-slot-for-the-VMU" controller.

The neck of the instrument, however, is just your bog standard guitar feature, not surprising since GamerSquad doubts you could generate too much sweet, sweet music from a mess of old Dreamcast connecting cables.

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Frulond4163d ago

I bet all sega fans going to be willing to get one

solidt124163d ago

cool, I heard this system used to be awesome. Sony killed them.

ocra4163d ago

DRAEMCAST 4eva! i loved that machine...

BISHOP-BRASIL4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

EDIT: Duplicated message, the right is down.

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