Virgin Gaming?

Charles from The Game Fanatics writes:
“A new challenger arrives!” Well I take that back, but it has been over a year since billionaire Richard Branson’s franchise was connected to the video game scene but apparently, that could change pretty soon. The rumors surfaced last week, and today we have confirmed that the Virgin Group is indeed stepping back into the ring with the big boys.

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TheColbertinator3121d ago


If you wanted to go gaming with virgins,just go play Halo 3.

Quagmire3121d ago

Virgin Gaming? No thanks, I like my games experienced and flexible, and able to take it like an animal. Giggity Gig!


F*ck You Quagmire!

I've always wanted to say that

Raypture3120d ago

I've always wondered why they haven't changed their name

especially nowadays when most peoples logic is VIRGIN = GAY

Quagmire3120d ago

so...10 year olds are gay?

Raypture3120d ago

By a lot of kids' and teenagers' logic yes, I saw kids calling eachother cocksuckers once because one of them didn't have a girlfriend.

eggbert3120d ago

back in the day.

I still remember Aladdin...