Jaffe's New Game Not At E3? Jaffe Responds To Michael Patcher

Ironstar: "Just recently on an episode of the Bonus Round Michael Patcher made a statement saying that Jaffe's new game is Twisted Metal on PS3."

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Lionhead3002d ago

How long has this game of his been in development and there is no news on it?

He has said it would be at this years E3 and now all of a sudden it won't?

Am I the only one who is saddened

-MD-3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

He was saying it would be at E3 2010 last year but lately he said Sony never asked him or his company to appear so his game won't be show cased.

Of course he could just be lying through his teeth and surprise everybody by showing up (which I'm hoping for). After his last tweet though he seems pretty sincere that he won't be showing up.

Edit- @#2 Lionhead - The picture of the screen with the guy in it? If so I agree because that picture of the game seriously looked convincing.

Edit- @#4 Def Warrant - Twisted Metal 2 is already available on the PS1 and PSN store.

Lionhead3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

I'm hoping so too.

That leaked picture looked promising that I saw on here

Edit: Yup that's the pic

vhero3002d ago

Its not like he hasn't lied through his teeth before to protect one of his games. This is Jaffe of course..

Trey_4_life3001d ago

Can't wait to see what game he unveils in the future, the man is a genius and has proven his work to be equal to himself time and time again on the powerful, ground breaking platform that sony provides.

Cevapi883001d ago

i doubt that this is only Jaffe's decision....Sony probably has its hand in this to, both are probably playing down the reveal of the game since we have already gotten info on KZ3 and LB2...he might not be at E3 himself...but i feel that something will be revealed about his game during the conference...

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WhittO3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

It is taking so long because the development team making the game is so small compared to other companies like Naughty Dog etc.

He has also said that he will not be at this E3 for the past few months now, so I don't know why everyone thinks this is a last minute change, obviously don't follow him and only read what gets through to the news, which, 90% of the time is inaccurate.

I think he really isn't going to be at this E3, but there is a chance he could be doing it for a shock factor, which would be great too.

otherZinc3001d ago

**** this dude until he makes something worthwhile (GOW1 was years ago). All he does is talk **** and makes calling all cars.

Make something or stfu!

morganfell3002d ago

What hole has ironstarmovement been in?

"Does his comment mean no Jaffe game at E3?"

Wakeup! He said over a month ago he wouldn't be at E3. Where were you?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Agree. Even a user in that site also said the same thing about Jaffe and E3.

bobcostus3002d ago

Ironstar was created by a bunch of young dudes from youtube. I watched a couple of them before the site was up, they are just regular joes. I wouldn't really trust them as a credible news source.

FanOfGaming3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Exactly some of us have originated on YouTube (not all). We're actually a dedicated cast of talented gamers that play just as much as many other gamers across the internet; authenticity thats hard to find in the media today.

FanOfGaming3002d ago

It was an error made by the writer of the article, which has been corrected; get off your high horse.

morganfell3002d ago

I don't trust them as a credible source. Hence my remarks. I have seen too many issues like the one I just mentioned. However some people has seen fit to publish and approve their stories.

Kerrby3002d ago

I wouldn't trust them with anything. Ironstar is horrible.

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Def Warrant3002d ago

I really hope we get Twisted Metal 2. I would really like to see it at E3. If not then i hope it's a great new IP like the God of War series.

rezzah3002d ago

Twisted Metal 2, lol how old are you? unless of course your being sarcastic.

gtamike3002d ago

yeah go on US store now and download it

DarkSpawnClone3001d ago

LOL twisted metal 2 was on the ps1 DUH!! , did you just start gaming or what.i wish they would put twisted metal 3 and 4 on psn

seniorairman3002d ago

i wish this guy would just hurry up and release his game already so he can just stfu already. i mean seriously, it seems as though he gets as much air time as patcher does. it's at least once a week with this guy. the last game he made or was involved with was what, twisted metal extra twisted edition, on ps2. before that was calling all cars in like 2007 for ps3. he hasn't even mad a full retail game yet. the worst part of it is, what has he been doing over at he should change it to eat.sleep.hurry up and come out with a game already. i swear it's either patcher, cliffy b, greenburg, or jaffe. at least the other guys are doing their jobs.

Xulap3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Better yet:

Eat.Don'tSleep.MakeAGameS oWeCanActuallyPlay

I'm being patient, though. We have a lot to entertain us right now and a lot more coming. I can live without Jaffe's game until it comes out. I'm hoping that whatever it is, it's well worth the wait and hype.

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