Battlefield, Flipper, Mirror's Edge: The success story of DICE

Every good success story, which tells of the extraordinary career starts, in some remote garage. This one, however, in the young peoples of amateur programmers. Ulf Mandorff, Olof Gustafsson, Fredrik and Andreas Axelsson Liliegren not only came all from the same Swedish provincial Alvesta, but shared a common passion. They programmed in their free demos - small, self-running programs. The Hobby welded together the group that called itself The Silents. In May 1992, established the young team of the company Digital Illusions HB and published her first game for Microsoft DOS and Amiga - Pinball Dreams of pinball. The project has completed the former students under suboptimal conditions in the residence hall. Other Pinball sequels followed. Since January 1993, the company operates and the current name of Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (in short: DICE).

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Killzone3Helghast3097d ago

Battlefield series are ace, Mirrors Edge is unique. To date, I can proudly say I own every DICE game out there. They just make quality stuff.

vhero3097d ago

I really disliked mirrors edge it was unique I agree there but it wasn't everybodys cup of tea and certainly not mine. BC2 was awesome though.

Quagmire3097d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 please, thank you

vhero3097d ago

Didn't sell 1 million on either console worldwide and EA don't usually make sequels to games that sell that badly.