Legend Of The Guardians Trailer

Thesixthaxis writes:

Ever want to be an owl? Soaring through the sky, dining on field mice and generally coming across like a cantankerous old git? I know I have.

Based on the upcoming animated film (based on the popular book – you’ve seen how this works before), check out the a trailer for Legend Of The Guardians – The Owls of Ga’Hoole. No idea what a Ga’Hoole is, though it does sound like a euphemism for your — you know — Ga’hoolies.

The ESRB have rated Legend Of The Really Long Game Title I’m Not Typing Out Again a tasty 10+. Probably because “Shard [ed: that's you] dives and attacks with its claws, throws enemies into rocks, and tosses hot coals at enemy structures. Combat is accompanied by cries of pain and slow-motion effects.”

Owls? Hot coals? Slow motion cries of pain? Sounds like something for all the family.

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