Achievement Mastery 101: Episode 1

From the article: "Welcome to Achievement Mastery 101, a new weekly feature in which I will find a tough achievement, and create a guide that will help you on your way to nailing it down. For our first class, we will focus on the “Redeemed” achievement for Rockstar’s new smash hit Red Dead Redemption. In order to obtain this achievement, you will have to attain 100% completion in the single player story mode. This bad boy will tack on 100g to your gamer score, so it is a big one, and you will most definitely earn a ton of other achievements along the way."

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readiandnot3120d ago

" will have to attain 100% completion in the single player story mode."

I wonder what the fastest somebody has done this is?

Gargamel3120d ago

NICE!! Gonna have to pop this game in to get this done!

AliTheBrit193120d ago

Tried to get the Achievement where you get rid of a $5000 bounty with a pardon letter earlier, harder than I thought, just getting to 5k bounty was annoying.

DarthJay3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Here is the trick: buy two horses, any two. Every time you are close to dying, hit select and choose your other horse. It will autosave right there with whatever your bounty is at. Keep doing this every so often as your bounty builds up, that way if you die, you will respawn with your bounty at wherever it was instead of your last save point before trying to build up the bounty. I am currently working on building up mine, stopped at about $3200 before I had to do something else. Works every time. I think I mentioned it in the piece as a way to save your progress picking flowers. -Jay