Why Gaming is so popular

The SWANTONMASTER Team goes over Why Gaming is so popular

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dizzleK2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

because games suck less &$#@ than mainstream movies and tv and people would rather be dead than read a book so that doesn't leave many options for their entertainment dollars.

i'm being kinda facetious but i think it's more simple than the article surmises. i can see people turning towards things that offer more value for their money. a $60 game can get you unlimited hours of entertainment wheres its almost $25 minimum just to set foot into a 90 minute movie.

i also think it does have alot to do with the sheer amount of garbage that infests popular media. honestly most movies are shit, most music is shit and tv has literally become "the idiot box". it's perfectly reasonable to assume that somebody who grew up with gaming would gravitate back.

The Great Melon2821d ago

Ouch and here I thought paying $10 to go to a movie was a lot.

DelbertGrady2821d ago

"Many of us have stress in our lives but how are you relieving it on a daily basis? Next time you are stressed out and want to get away, play a video game that you are familiar with and enjoy. This is a much easier and inexpensive than planning a vacation or even resorting to alcohol to relieve stress. Marines are encouraged to play halo in their off time, simply to relive stress."

I've heard that playing Halo is the second most popular method of stress releaving in the army. Next to uncontrolled masturbation of course.