D+PAD Magazine: ModNation Racers - Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

Described by many as the LittleBigPlanet of the racing genre, United Front’s ModNation Racers features an extensive customisation system where players can design, edit and share their tracks, characters and vehicles. Borrowing heavily from the likes of Mario Kart with an emphasis on creativity and immediate thrills, the game promises a vast online community with which to do battle, but is the game hot on the heels of its inspirational forbearers or does it crash and burn before reaching the finish line?

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willie323068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I have to agree with this review. At this time, the game is a mixed-bag for me. I am hoping for a couple great patches to make this game one of the best. There are quite a few things that need fixed ASAP:

1. Online connection issues (all too often you sit in a xp race room that never fills)
2. Cheap A.I. in single player
3. Weapons are too powerful (Either tune them down a bit and/or make the shield better and/or create a new animation that gets you back into the race sooner)
4. Load times are ridiculous (Give us the option for a bigger install)

AK463068d ago

Gotta disagree on 2. You must be a good racer or i suck because the career mode has been very challenging for me. This game is easily a 9/10 for me or a 4/5. I'm having a blast with it weather I'm losing or winning,it's a solid fun game.