Another Century’s Episode screens renewed in HD

scrawlfx writes:

These screenshots have been released by the publisher previously, however, at hideously low resolution. When these showed up, we thought it was only proper to send them your way.

The game’s out August 19 for PS3 in Japan. It’s not coming to the west, unfortunately, but that’s what imports are for.

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Godmars2902733d ago

If this were coming to the West, most likely it would be getting a PvP option.

alphakennybody2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

If only NCsoft would develop this game for consoles too. I played it a lot On my other omputer before it broke, can hardly play on this one( family pc D: . yeh I'm a sucker for mech games :P

Godmars2902733d ago

I'd rather see this refined with single as well as multiplayer.