Bleszinski: Bulletstorm “makes Gears look tame”

VG247 writes:

The developer, who describes himself as the “creative uncle” due to his role in providing ideas on a weekly basis, said:“Gears has its crazy over the top stuff with the chainsaw, but Gears also has a lot more themes of loss and redemption. Bulletstorm says, you know, let’s just have fun with this, let’s just go crazy.

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Ghoul3124d ago


you talk to much

Shepherd 2143124d ago

A video game developer and fan giving his opinion on another game is talking too much? Maybe you should think about if you talk too much next time you express your opinion about anything at all.

zeeshan3124d ago

So another bunch of high-on-steroid goons running here and there with monster sized guns in their hands and shooting sh** up game coming? Yeah, I'll believe Cliff when I see something. Too much talk, no action!

IdleLeeSiuLung3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

It looks fantastic! Check out the full reveal at gametrailers:

He is talking sh!t about his own game, and the guy can't even get slack for that... Perhaps, you guys should just not click on news you don't like to read!

MazzingerZ3124d ago

Well it's not like Crysis developers or Turn 10 talking about other people's games...he's behind those so maybe that's the best reference you can get about the game...the other is still X360 exclusive so I don't think he would make a comment like that about a franchise that gives them big bucks on the X360 if it weren't true.

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3124d ago
Kerrby3124d ago

Correction: Bulletstorm looks lame.

lzim3124d ago

I agree until I see vehicles or objective based gameplay.

likes like Epic is sitting on the can for this release.

redDevil873124d ago

I saw the interview and footage on GT, the idea seems pretty cool. I'd like to play a very unrealistic and OTT FPS. Haven't played one in ages.

lzim3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I'm glad he thinks that bumping the level of violence and dropping any premise for excellence (like older Epic games) is worth it as he's obviously ignoring that no matter what, kids will end up playing this game like all the others, and that excess violence is repellent to some adults.

Who's supposed to play this trash?

dizzleK3124d ago

i actually agree. i need substance for my $60, from the way it's sounding it sounds like a bloody serious sam. i don't mind blood and gore if it has a point. gore for the sake of gore is artless, it doesn't shock or titillate me, i'm not 12.

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The story is too old to be commented.