VGC Review: Red Dead Redemption

VGC writes: "Ok ok, so it’s not quite Grand Theft Auto (GTA) simply transported to a Wild West setting, but it’s not far short of the mark either. Fortunately, if, like many nowadays, you feel that GTA IV was generally wildly overrated at the time of its release, then that shouldn’t necessarily put you off Red Dead Redemption (RDR). Indeed, I include myself in that grouping, so you need only look at the score to see that RDR offers something, to me at least, that GTA IV lacked. Unfortunately, if you want to find out what that is then you’ll have to read the rest of this review, and for that you have my apologies."

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GUCommander3040d ago

Solid review for a solid game.

dizzleK3040d ago

for the love of god no more reviews please. can we move on to something else?