A few reasons why 3-D gaming might not be as cool as it sounds

3-D gaming could just be around the corner with the upcoming unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS, but there's still bound to be several complications. Here are several reasons why you should be wary of the inevitable revolution of 3-D gaming.

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qface643040d ago

i seriously hate that picture

DA_SHREDDER3039d ago

lol, why you hating? You just jealous cause you cant afford it.

GoAheadAndDisagree3039d ago

He's jealous because he can't afford little girls who see undead dinosaurs in 3D?

ATLGAMER3039d ago

Is most people problem..i got money but not like that

MAR-TYR-DOM3039d ago

Blu Ray has just become mainstream. 3DtV's are about 5 years away, on the die hard entusiasts and wealthy people will have them in the next 2 - 3 years. It took about 3 years for the price of hd tv's (40"+) to drop from an average of 2800 to about 1200 now. 3d gaming could be cool, only until the glasses are not reqired. I hate watching movies in 3d, they hurt my eyes.

Lich1203039d ago

I hate the glasses too, they give me a massive headache.

stevenhiggster3039d ago

I would love to get on the 3D wagon, but I know I won't be able to afford a new TV for a long time and by then the fad will probably have passed.
I don't really understand quite why there is so much hate towards 3D though, there have been quite a few negative articles. I'm sure it'll be awesome, but I won't be seeing it in my house.

bakasora3038d ago

I watched "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D at the theater.
Its good..

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MNicholas3039d ago

There are two main reasons why 3D isn't ready for prime-time.

1) Glasses required: While this is fine for 1-2 gamers playing a 3D game, for regular TV watching, I suspect most people will simply prefer the simple convenience of 2D.

2) 3D doesn't work right for a lot of people.

What's needed is a new 3D display technology but as long as we're stuck with flat panel format it's going to take some real breakthroughs in manufacturing, bandwidth, image capture, etc...

morganfell3039d ago

If it is inevitable and a revolution then you should be informed concerning it's technology, not afraid of it.

sikbeta3039d ago

But morgan, we need to B!tch about something every time we can... /s


3DTVS are an OPTION, You don't like it, You don't Buy it, I'm going to get One by the Time Gran Turismo 5 comes out, I hope all of you open your mind to something new and Awesome like 3D is...

morganfell3039d ago

Exactly. I am already planning my purchase and doing research now.

IcarusOne3039d ago

Thanks for the wisdom, Yoda.

Hotel_Moscow3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

so many opinions against something no one knows about

i mean come on claustrophobia you're playing in a room with 4 walls yet 3d gaming is going to bring up claustrophobia

firs time i went to go see 3d was when i was like 7 or 10 went to disney world to see some 3d production and almost pissed my pants because they were throwing things at me they had no buisness doing but that was 8 to 11 years ago years ago

Timesplitter143039d ago

No, it's because of the glasses. It's annoying and impractical.

They shouldn't even think about marketing 3D unless they can do it without glasses

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3039d ago

Yeah, that's my main complaint. Wearing the glasses is really annoying. If i go to the cinema i start fiddling with them every five minutes to try and get them into a comfy position.

Hideo_Kojima3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Sooooooooooooo I guess you guys also find it uncomfortable to wear Sun glasses right?

You find sunglasses "annoying and impractical"
You think "wearing sunglasses is really annoying"
and "if you go out in the Sun you star fiddling with them every five minutes to try and get them into a comfy position"

I wear glasses at home all the time and contacts when I go out.

You get used to wearing glasses and I do not understand why the HELL people are bitching so much about it.

Edit: 3D TVs hit the UK and my friend found a shop where he tried them on and said it is amazing (I will be going to the store this week to see for myself). Reviewers are saying gaming in 3D is even better than 3D movies so I can't wait to get a 3DTV but I had to wait for the prices to go down a bit.

DaTruth3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )


They shouldn't even think about marketing sunglasses unless you can do it without the glasses!

Please, get this man some bubbles!

yess3039d ago

Yes! Just look at diving...So lame with those googles/Sarcasme

Timesplitter143039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

So you think I'm just making this up for some obscure reason? Sunglasses outside are fine, but I wouldn't watch TV with sunglasses. It WOULD be annoying as hell.

How many people watch TV with their sunglasses? I don't know any. And why's that? Because sunglasses, just like 3D glasses, obsrtruct your vision and aren't comfortable to wear when you're relaxing in your sofa.

DaCajun3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I wear glasses at home all the time when I watch TV and they don't obstruct my view. We may not wear sunglasses to watch TV but a large fraction of us do watch with normal glasses. Hell I even wore glasses when I was in the military too and it didn't affect my ability to serve my country. When I go watch 3D movies like Avatar I wear my contacts and the glasses didn't bother me one bit.

If you don't like it then I have a solution for you shut up, don't buy it, and quit trolling the 3D posts. Because you cry babies whining about it obviously care about it or you wouldn't keep posting about it unless you are that pathetic that you just need to be acknowledge and you think this is the way to do it.

@ GoAheadAndDisagree
Do you know that prescription glasses are not custom made either except for the lens prescription? You keep trying on different ones on until one fits comfortably just like sunglasses unless for some reason you buy sunglasses without trying them on? If you do then that is just sad and no wonder you don't like sunglasses. BTW they do make prescription sunglasses and have for many years, duh.

GoAheadAndDisagree3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Yeah but normal glasses make you see better. Sunglasses and 3D glasses are tinted and they're not custom-made for you. I agree with timesplitter on this one.

Also, will you please calm down? You seem to be taking this way too seriously. All I hear from you guys is "LOL PWNED XD!!!" and "Shut up you crybabies!". Everyone can share their opinion and it's even the topic of this article. Tell me, what good is a comments section if you refuse all the different point of views?

DaCajun3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Also if this does take off I'm pretty sure the glasses will get cheaper and they will make a variety of different styles just like normal glasses and sunglasses. I wouldn't be surprised if you would be able to buy them at eyeglasses/sunglasses shops in the future if it catches on.

DaTruth3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

So wait a minute, you think seeing in 2D is better than seeing in 3D? Ask someone with one eye, how great it is to see in 2D! I injured my eye pretty badly once, those 2 days in 2D were a nightmare... especially walking on the bus, you can never tell where the damn poles are!

3D glasses let you see in 3D. hence, you are seeing better!

thor3039d ago


I also wear glasses when I watch TV... which means that with 3D TV it will be all blurred. I have contacts - but not everyone does. Notice also that once the 3D effect is activated the TV is unwatchable without the glasses. Other people coming to watch you play or joing you to watch a film will have to have their own pairs of glasses. It could be quite impractical - everyone rushing to the bathroom all at once to put their contacts in just so they can watch the TV.

IdleLeeSiuLung3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I wear glasses and it took some time to get used to having something on your face the whole time. Here's the deal:

a) glasses for vision problems improve your vision

b) sun glasses comes in many styles to accommodate your comfort. I buy Oakley's that have the "Asian fit" nose bridge support. Sunglasses has the benefit of reduceing extremely annoying glare, light and protects your eyes from sun damage.

In both cases, there are significant long term benefits. With 3D, the benefits are minimal, the comfort level is annoying and there is a huge extra cost at the moment. Yeah, it will take years before 3D catches on, as we all know SDTV is still out in the wild after what 4-years of LCD/Plasma's being on the market at relatively affordable prices.

Watching Avatar in 3D, I was underwhelmed and the picture quality wasn't all that great. To me the whole wow moment was for about 15 minutes tops.

Maybe we need Gucci and Dolce Gabbana 3D glasses to make wearing these glasses cool, then it might catch on faster!

tplarkin73039d ago

You're right that it must be done without glasses. We've already had this experience in the 50s. The glasses are dorky.

Anon19743039d ago

I'll enjoy my gaming in 3d. You guys can miss out because you don't like wearing glasses. Deal?

To me having to wear glasses is such a small price to pay for having the opportunity to game in 3d. I never thought I'd see in-home, full color 3d in my lifetime and now it's here. I just don't see wearing glasses as an obstacle, but obviously some will miss out because they do.

Their loss.

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Ocelot5253039d ago

what's next? 3D takes your virginity?

IcarusOne3039d ago

Half of this article is just retarded. Schizophrenia and paranoia? Are you kidding? ForFuck'sSake.

The glasses have never bothered me and I don't see why so many people are raging against 3D. Just simply don't buy it. We're a looooooong ways away from 3D being mandatory. Even when networks start broadcasting in 3D and it's standard for blurays to have a 3D option, you'll still be able to enjoy your 2D version. And for all the people calling it a gimmick and a trend, a lot of haters said the same thing about sound for movies circa 1920's.

But imagine this: combine 3D with something like Natal or PSEye where it tracks your head movement and adjusts the view accordingly. So when you instinctively lean to your side to peek around a corner, you'll literally be able to peek around the corner in game.

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