SEGA videogame band Megadriver rock out with custom made Sonic guitar

Videogame cover bands are already taking their music to the next level by playing memorable and iconic musical numbers from some of our classic favorites. However, one particular band Megadriver, take their SEGA-inspired videogame music to the next level with one of the coolest Sonic the Hedgehog guitars ever.

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Chubear2826d ago

.. why you asking me? How the hell should I know?

zetsuei12826d ago

Guile Theme?! Or Juspion Theme?! Oh boy they simply rock *_*

Marble Zone from Sonic the Hedghog is also FUCKIN AMAZING!

ZombieAutopsy2826d ago

Sweet guitar, they did a pretty good job on a ninja gaiden song.

gumgum992824d ago

Fits Sonic perfectly. Never thought of that.