MGS4 Demo to be Played Again on MGS 20th Anniversary Event

Ryan Payton, from the Kojima Productions podcast confirmed that the MGS4 demo played at the Playstation Premier event will be played again at the MGS 20th Anniversary Event. He commented on how it is filled with humor, and is approximately 15-20 minuts long.

The event will be held this coming Tuesday, and hopefully we will see some video footage posted all over the web too.

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aiphanes4113d ago

We will probably get to see some video of the demo this time!

I can not wait!

Tsalagi4113d ago

I wasn't paying attention and thought the headline said a demo was coming to the PSN. :( Please give us a demo.

The Real Joker4113d ago

Maybe they should "accidentally" put that demo on PSN.

[email protected]4113d ago

lol, and accidentally delete 3 minutes after ^^.


Let the countdown to Tuesday begin

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