The Last Story’s Main Characters Unveiled

In the recent issue of Shonen Jump Magazine, Nintendo and Mistwalker introduced to us the main characters of the much awaited RPG Wii-exclusive, The Last Story.

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MightyMark4272849d ago

Now I have Xeno and this game to look forward to

N4GAddict2849d ago

Should be great times ahead for Wii RPG gamers.

Millah2849d ago

I hope we see an official announcement at E3 for a NA release on both these games :)

games4fun2849d ago

i hope it turns out well. I could use a good JRPG

PPNSteve2849d ago

What are the odds this will ship to North America?

SpoonyRedMage2849d ago

Mistwalker has been talking to European sites and correcting them on localisations so I'd say a western release looks as likely as it could ever be without being confirmed:P

ClownBelt2849d ago

The odds are EXTREMELY high. Such a huge title could not be contained in one region.

Baka-akaB2849d ago

pretty much all of them comes to NA nowadays . Namco is pretty much alone in its corner being stubborn about a few tales games

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MattyF2849d ago

This game has to release in NA. Looks like a great RPG.

tunaks12849d ago

this better make its way to NA. The music art and screens are all awesome

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