CVG Preview: Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Episode Two marks the Half-Life series' departure into the great outdoors. It also marks the point at which the thoroughly downtrodden human race has begun to revel in its post-apocalyptic squalor. Ladies and gents, the rebels have built the most stylish mode of transportation this side of Mad Max - the retro-fitted muscle car. Oh yeah, the Combine wish they could assimilate something this cool. The motor will feature throughout a vast swathe of the episode, allowing NPCs to tag along with Gordon on his madcap adventure.

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VirusE4165d ago

Why god do they keep putting in vehicle sections into half life? In my opinion they pull the game down. I hated the car and boat in halflife 2 they both control like crap and break the flow of the game.

Crazyglues4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

yeah the vehicles where not done right.