FFXIII Characters Possibly Returning in Versus XIII

It seems that some characters from Final Fantasy XIII may also be appearing in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, suggesting that these two games are more closely related to each other than we all thought.

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gaffyh3097d ago

I'd say good personally, because it means that Versus XIII is definitely canon rather than spinoff, which is what Square has been saying for a while, but no one believes them because they lie often.

sinncross3097d ago

Versus is canon regardless of whether FF13 characters appear in it or not.

All 3 FF 13 titles are meant to be individual titles that share a common mythos: FF13 is as canon as FFVersus13.

FFVersus13 could have just been FF14 etc but like I said, it shares similarities in its mythos so they grouped the games together.

Its similar to the FF titles that relate to the world of Ivalice.

Redrum0593097d ago

I hope to god it has a long engaging story with a large world, many towns, and good gameplay mechanics. And vanilles voice actress better not return. That voice was annoying.

Millah3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

LOL this guy whoever wrote this article is a dumbass. Just because a voice actor is returning DOES NOT mean he's doing the same character. Voice actors (especially in the game world) are very good at doing different voices for multiple characters. And game companies, especially Japanese ones, tend to use voice actors more than once for several different characters (if that particularly actor has more than one voice he can do).

I wouldn't count on IMDB, they are most likely just making an error. Nomura has said several times that the universes are not related.

sikbeta3097d ago


FFvs13 is Cannon, it's SE Way to Make Games with their "polymorphic content" strategy, meaning they make as much of Games they can to Cover any kind of Console without being Spin-off and such

Heisenberg3097d ago

Maybe they could write characters that are even a little mature this time around, not the over the top, childish, cheesy crap they wrote for XIII. I felt like I was listening to an episode of Pokemon or something.

Noctis Aftermath3097d ago

They are not set in the same universe, the game's only share the crystal concept.

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no_more_heroes3097d ago

did you play FFXIII? Knowing what I know from it about these two characters, especially Cid (there's always a Cid in FF games), it could be interesting.

If I see Vanille though, then I will dump the disembodied heads of the developers into the Pacific out of the cargo hold of a fvkng Lockheed C-5 and make a lot of hungry Great Whites VERY HAPPY!!

gaffyh3097d ago

Yeah, I hope to God Vanille isn't in it. She was the most annoying character in FF13, Cid was actually cool though. I wish he was more involved in the story in FF13, rather than just being there a few times to fight.

Kalowest3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I want Vanille, Sazh, Fang,or Lightening in it, i hated Hope,and Snow the most, those two were annoying as hell, skipped cut-scenes when Hope started talking. Lol, Vanille, and Sazh are my Favorites.

hay3097d ago

Actually Vanille was kind of hot. Make her more adult, less irritating and we're golden.

gaffyh3097d ago

@hay - Yeah I wouldn't mind that but her English voice-acting was annoying, too high-pitched imo.

Simon_Brezhnev3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I hate every single character except Sazh but yeah i hate that pussy Hope and the false hero Snow the most.

hay3097d ago

@gaffyh: That's why I wrote "less irritating".

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DA_SHREDDER3097d ago

OMG, im staying away from this title. The only reason why I even remember their names is because they were named after elements. I hope for their sake it isn't true.

bootsielon3097d ago

I wonder how they'd make 'em fit on DVD9 when they port it to Xbox 360

Theonik3097d ago

I would cry if that happened. Not because of joy but because i had high hopes of Versus and if they bring back the terrible;e characters from XIII i will be disappointed. I'm telling you, if Vanile is on this... if she is...

AAACE53097d ago

They are from two different worlds. Why would their worlds connect? If true though, it could mean that Versus is a fighting type of game similar to Dissidia!

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MurderMyDoll3097d ago

this was brought up a while ago on the forums and it was confirmed that it's just making an error. mind you i could be wrong this was almost a year ago this occured but just letting you guys know not to get too excited cause it could just be an imdb error

IrishAssa3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Ok this is BS. If you've been following the very little news of this game. Versus has absolutly nothing to do with Xiii.

Differant universe , differant powers, differant style, differant world. Everything is differant and the games have no link other than there will be some sort of Fal'cie in both. And guess what that means, it's Not a spinoff, it's a whole new game completely.

Anyway. I really need to know if anyone remembers the name of a game for either Ps1 or Snes. It was an Rts with red and blue robots and you had to capture segments of the map which delievered units to you every minute of so/. Please I need to know it

EDit - it also had some badass Sargeant robot guy shouting at you if you lost haha

Edit 2-----that also means in versus' world, lightning from Xiii does not exist. Or anything that happened in Xiii doesn't exist/ Think of it as Final Fantasy 7 to Final Fantasy 10. Nothing in common

IrishAssa3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Found the game :D
It was Z or Zed

Kalowest3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

" According to Square Enix, they all take place in the same world but in different time periods and there is no cooperation between the teams of the various titles, the only connection being a "vague crystal theme".
Straight from SE. It also called the "Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII series"
Had to find something to defend you with. LOL

IrishAssa3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I remember them saying it was in the same universes. Then a few months ago they just said there is no connection besides the crystal mythos(Fal'cie and L'cie) in 13 and they should be in versus aswell due to the leaked images but they might not be the same as Xiii's ones( as in the giant ones) Imo a Fal'cie will be the shinigami and L'cie will be Noctis and maybe Stella.

They apperently recieve abnormal powers in versus from a near death experiance. Quite unlike FFXIII. If they were in the same world the powers should be the same way given and the same type of powers(Spells and summons) not levitating Swords and teleportation , Just a bit more proof.

NewNameNow3097d ago

I think I recall the developers saying the games of Fabula Nova Crystalis take place in the same universe but as far as being connected through the story then no.

However some screens that have been released show some sort of portal that could maybe connect the different worlds?

Demons Souls3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I don't want characters from the shitty FF13 to be in a game that could possibly be good. If it's true then I won't even bother playing it as im sure they'll "add" more stuff like walking down a hallway for 40 hours.

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