Michel Ancel Now Working On New Rayman?

It looks like the developer has moved on to create a new studio made up of a smaller team, developing a new Rayman title.

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mjolliffe2734d ago

Man I'd love to see Rayman return :) I'm still wanting Beyond Good & Evil 2 to release though!

DelbertGrady2734d ago

It's hard to understand how Ubisoft can have publishing rights to such a great franchise but choose to throw their money on making crappy Prince of Persia games and even movies instead.

Theonik2734d ago

Or even worse, throw their money away at making horrible casual spin-offs of the franchise name. (Raving rabbits anyone?)
Hell they are the ones responsible for these abominations.

morkendo2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

good that rayman is being reborn hopefully on ps3
no more rabbin rabbits crap

Valay2734d ago

Seriously, I hope this is true.

Rikuson12734d ago

Rayman is my most favorite Ubisoft game, i really hope they make Rayman 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.