AOTF: Splinter Cell: Conviction Insurgency Pack Review

Being a multiplayer add-on to the game, "Insurgency" adds a great deal of value to Splinter Cell Conviction. You can play the new maps by your lonesome in the Hunter and Last Stand modes, or you can go online grab a partner and go at the objectives together in those modes, as well as the head to head mode Face-Off. Being that the level of quality carried over near exact from the campaign, if you're not playing Deniable Ops over Xbox Live you're definitely missing half the fun with Splinter Cell Conviction. If you are playing deniable ops but possibly got bored with the six levels that shipped with the game, Insurgency spices up the game at just the right time.

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math3040d ago

Bring back spies v mercs next DLC.

Crazyhorse3040d ago ShowReplies(3)
Johnny53040d ago

The story is better than the multiplayer they should bring DLC for that instead of half ass Spies Mercs.

FanboyAttack3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Sadly gamers are just gonna have to get used to 10 and 15 dollar DLC. If you like Call of Duty get used to $20.

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