Ubisoft responds to BGE2 cancellation and Ancel departure rumors

After Scrawl contacted Ubisoft regarding recent rumors of Beyond Good & Evil 2 being cancelled and series creator Michel Ancel leaving the development team, they received the old “we do not comment on rumors” response.

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rroded3095d ago

first one was one of the most underrated games of all times

Freak of Nature3095d ago

I cannot agree with you more....

I still have hopes that he will take some of his most trusted and talented artists/devs with him, and then open up his own studio.

We need more games like he can produce,more creativity and style comes from his pinky then most studios entire dev house...

I want to see him with full on freedom,and no ceilings above,where he can soar without restrictions.No more safe routes along the generic highway...

I'll be at E3,and along with games like LBP2 and The last guardian this is one I will be looking to hear more on very eagerly....

This is the HD teaser from last Year....What a waste if it does not come to be.....Oh and how nice would it be if he also brought us Rayman 4 too....

............................. ..........................

gumgum993094d ago

I also am holding out. I have yet to complete my copy of BG&E, so I would love for them to continue development.

That footage of Jade from a year ago was just awesome!

chazjamie3095d ago

well i dont think i would of had the cash to buy it anyway.

Kingdom Come3095d ago

Would be a shame if cancelled. If the "Leaked Gameplay" really was so, it looked Incredible, doubtful, but still.

Freak of Nature3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I agree....

I have a (friend/co-worker) I worked with in the past on a couple projects,he worked for Ancel in the early 90's,pre-Rayman,and he tells me that the next "Rayman" is in the works,a smaller team,but still with UBI... I have no reason to doubt him........As for BG&E2,I could not get anything out of him,just a "wait and see comment"...

blu_yu_away3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Is this the "leaked" footage you speak of? Looks too good and fluid to be gameplay footage. If it is though, SHAME on Ubisoft!

fishd3095d ago Show
jay23095d ago

PMSL! nice work Ubi, sorry guys baically confirmed then :(.

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