Pachter Reveals David Jaffe’s New Game Before E3

Can Wedbush Morgan Securities analysts Michael Pachter Keep a secret? Apparently not. The man has revealed David Jaffe’s new game before E3.

In a very long conversation on Game Trailers Bonus Round with Geoff Keighley, featuring editors from GameInformer and GiantBomb, Michael Pachter let loose Jaffe’s new upcoming game while talking in the “Sony at E3″ segment of the show.

“So I think that unfortunately Sony really does have good first party content, none Move first party content like David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal 2 Game,” he said.

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Bereaver2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Actually, I think it's true. Everyone has been talking about the possibility it would be "like" twisted metal, but have a different name. And this kinda points to that option too.


Yeah, it does suck when someone spoils your secrets.

FangBlade2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Just seeing hes face makes me wanna kill him.
And I dont give a shit about all this drama, It's a matter of principle.

abc12332913d ago

to be fair, jaffe did call pachter his bitch XD

lociefer2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Omg Twisted Metal, YESSS , this made my day, so freakin happy , and ya pachter ur still jaffes bitch

freezola752913d ago Show
HolyOrangeCows2913d ago

Both Pachter and Shane SHATterfield with the Bonus Round are full of crap. I'll wait for an official announcement.

GamerSciz2913d ago

That's because everyone is Jaffes bitch. He could care less about what people think of him. All I know is that I wouldn't cross him. He scares the crap outta me but I totally respect the guy for his ingenious work and creativity. If I were Pachter I would be sleeping with one eye open...

Millah2913d ago

He most likely signed an NDA if he had access to this kind of info. So, he'll pay for it in the end.

If I was Jaffe, I'd be pissed seeing Pachter and that annoying face of his, spilling one of my secrets.

ReservoirDog3162913d ago

You might wanna work on that temper you have there. Read what you just wrote, it's pretty serious.

mikeslemonade2913d ago

Why are yall mad that this got leaked? Anything we know earlier is a good thing for us because we don't have to wait any longer to know. The only loser here is Patcher, jaffe's development team, and the publisher.

Hideo_Kojima2913d ago

I like Pachter...

I remember before he was famous a year or 2 ago I used to like it when he came on Bonus Round.

He gives good opinions.

Noctis Aftermath2913d ago

I wouldn't call this official, pachter most likely done it just to get himself in the headlines AGAIN.

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callahan092913d ago

"unfortunately" Sony has good first-party content? Why would he use that word - unfortunately? How is it unfortunate? I didn't see the show, so I'm just reading the quote out of context, though. Anybody can explain?

sinncross2913d ago

They were talking about the PS Move and how they feel that E3 will have to be about strong software for the device or else the Natal is going to upstage it (because Patcher knows of a lot of devs working on Natal stuff).

The 'unfortunately' was said because he believes that there may not be strong enough first party content for the Move to really accelerate it above the Natal in regards to what will be shown at E3.

Personally I think he mixed up his words (cause he repeated 'I think' twice before moving into that line)

But that is pretty much the gist of the 'unfortunately'.

hope this helps :)

vhero2913d ago

He used unfortunately as he has openly come out and said he is a wii fanboy.

marinelife92913d ago

Jaffe can't possibly be happy nor is Sony. I'm sure whatever he was shown he had to sign a NDA.

I can't believe this site is trying to defend all the times Pachter was wrong. If you throw enough $#!+ at a wall some is bound to stick.

WhittO2913d ago

lol, wow I bet Jaffe is furious! He did say he is NOT developing twisted Metal and I believe him, BUT, that doesn't mean it cant be called something else!

I think it's 95% true.

TrailerParkSupervisr2913d ago

Jaffe is knows for blowing blue birds up our asses....and I don't mind. the guys a genius.

sikbeta2913d ago

Jaffe is Gonna beat Pachter ass so bad lol

Great News If this is Twisted Metal F*CK YEAH!!!!

DA_SHREDDER2913d ago Show
raztad2913d ago

Patcher is officially a MORON, and I would totally understand if Sony blacklist him.

morganfell2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Bigger than Pachter's remarks though are the comments from Andy McNamara at the 2:38 mark. Apparently this is a game no one knows about on the PS3 and will be on the cover of Game Informer.

And if you listen to the way Pachter's mention Jaffe's game, Pachter isn't saying that with any sense of certainty. He states it like anyone else in the public would say it that is guessing. I think the game will be Twisted Metal as well but I don't think that Pachter was stating it with the confidence of "I have seen this and can tell you that is exactly what it is."

If you want to see how wrong these guys are just listen to Gerstmann say that Sony won't push 3D at this year's E3. I wonder how he feels about those remarks now that KZ3 is out - concerning which he was obviously in the dark.

SuperM2913d ago

exactly. this isnt news. pachter didnt reveal anything.

Reibooi2913d ago

If it's true. It seems like it's a new series like Twisted Metal but not Twisted Metal.

Notice how he said Twisted Metal 2. Not Twisted Metal Black 2. And then added or what ever they are gonna call it.

It seems to me like it may be a successor to Twisted Metal. Which would explain Jaffe saying the game was not Twisted Metal because Technically he would not be lying by saying that.

zootang2913d ago


Destruction Derby HD With a Jaffe twist. One can only hope

Reibooi2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )


The thought of that makes me very very happy.

Downtown boogey2913d ago

This is old as hell and he was kidding!!

kesvalk2913d ago

sooo,he is aways wrong... but now he right? i call all of this BS.

knight6262913d ago

i agree i was watching the video and he actually said twister metal and he said take that jaffe

DarkSpawnClone2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Twisted Metal Relaunch confirmed :P i think it will be a relaunch cause he did say that if he was going to make a new twisted metal game he was going to do a relaunch which is GREAT!!! oh man!!!! OMG!!! TWISTED METAL!!! FUCKING Triple A!!!! YES!!!! the last game i played was twisted metal black,tbh is was ok but not as good as the first went all weird in TM:black i didn't like it as much.but i love twisted metal on the ps1 i spent most of my time playing twisted metal!! as of course Sweet tooth(needles) and minion i did like in 4 how you could make your own car that would be cool in TM for ps3 if you could make your own car to fight it out online with imo..PLEASE BE AT E3!!! i hope this comes out this year! but i don't think it will maybe 2011!! WOOO!!! I'm so preordering this as soon as it confirmed by jaffe and sony!,i cant wait to here those sweet beautiful words from Calypso‎ "Welcome To Twisted Metal!!" I LOVE TWISTED METAL <3
i feel like a giggling school girl XD! i have been so happy about a game in forever!

Faztkiller2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I think he was just joking around, Jaffe didn't seem to upset

Ps_alm3k2913d ago

he is upset, but he forgave already.

when i get upset with somebody, they will usually know, but i will forgive them on the spot by just say saying don't worry or sarcastically call them [email protected]@[email protected]#!! and say j/k. it should be fine, but im sure he will not get told anymore secret. thats all.

FOXDIE2913d ago

the article has one big big big flaw, the bonus round is not an live show. They would edit that out if it was true.

RememberThe3572913d ago

I think he was just going off the rumors not any actual inside info.

wxer2913d ago

what a dick
and he is always wrong, why dose PPL give a shit about what he says ?

Oztheboss2913d ago

Christ... Jaffe already said that he's NOT doing Twisted Metal. Pachter was only having some fun.

NeutralGamer2912d ago

Oh my god!
Patcher is a Xbot fanboy and a spoil troller!

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yoshiro2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

and i can annouce other one you know the image, dont need to traslate

sinncross2913d ago

Infamous 2 is going to rock as long as they get rid of the floaty jumping and the automatic clinging.

cLiCK_sLiCK92913d ago

"Huge PS3 exclusive sequel announcement on the next ROPS"

I hope I translated right.

yoghurt2913d ago

blimey, infamous 2 huh, suprised nobody else has reported that or written an article about the discovery

Nice one, so far then we have LBP2, KZ3, Jaffe's game, GT5 and now Infamous 2 - looks like Sony is on a roll!

vhero2913d ago

Wasn't keen on infamous I didn't like the underground bit to get powers completely ruined the game for me. Hopefully the sequel will do away with silly bits like that.

villevalorox2913d ago

thw bad thing I found with infamous, was once you beat the story mode it was so boring to just go around the city. just like gta4

pwnsause2913d ago


you made me a happy person today yoshiro.

Ether2913d ago

Here me, ye God of gaming.

Let this be true.

Al Bundy2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

And so it will be, my son.

sikbeta2913d ago

Infamous 2! Holly... Awesome!!!!

bjornbear2913d ago

funny...its a portuguese magazine? tuga ou brazuca? =P

-MD-2913d ago

I played and beat Infamous but I never would have guessed what that image was.

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ExgamerLegends22913d ago

Pachter's about to go on somebody's hit list.

playstation_clan2913d ago ShowReplies(2)